10 Facts about Child Support

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Let’s find out interesting Facts about Child Support in the following post below. Child support is similar with child maintenance. When the marriage of the parents ends, the parents need to give a period payment for the financial benefit of the child. That’s based on the public policy and family law. The obligor will have to pay the child support to the obligee. It can be directly or indirectly. Get other interesting facts about child support below:

Facts about Child Support 1: who is the obligor and obligee

In most cases, the obligee is the caregiver, custodial parent, state or even a guardian. On the other hand, the obligor usually is the non custodial parent.

Facts about Child Support 2: the payment

In some cases, the payment for the child support can be from the custodial parent to the non custodial parent. Get facts about child neglect here.

Child Support Facts

Child Support Facts

Facts about Child Support 3: a joint custody

When the parents decide to have a joint custody, the child has two custodial parents. There is no custodial parent here. The obligor will be the custodial parent with the higher income, while the obligee is the other custodial parent. Find facts about child hunger here.

Facts about Child Support 4: the responsibilities

The child support is considered as a part of the parents’ responsibilities. United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child was conducted in 1992. Every member of United Nation signed this convention.

Facts about Child Support

Facts about Child Support

Facts about Child Support 5: other important documents about child support

United Nations are aware with the important of child right and child support. Besides the convention in 1992, the organization also has other documents such as 1956 New York Convention on the Recovery Abroad of Maintenance.

Facts about Child Support 6: Child support laws and obligations

There are many countries in the world which recognize the child support laws and obligations. The countries include Australasia, North America, South America, Africa, Asia and Europe.

Child Support Pic

Child Support Pic

Facts about Child Support 7: the financial support

The financial support is always associated with the child support. When the children do not live with their parents, the financial support is still needed by the children.

Facts about Child Support 8: the obligation of the parents

Both parents share the responsibility to do child support.  The regulations about it are known in national and international environment.

Child Support Pictures

Child Support Pictures

Facts about Child Support 9: Under California law

There is no need for the recipient to tell how the money is spent based on the California law since the money can be used to increase the standard living of the household.

Facts about Child Support 10: Th usage of child support

The money can be used for day care, school fees or medical expense of the children.

Child Supports

Child Supports

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