10 Facts about Chimney Sweeps

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Find out the interesting information about the workers whose job is to clear the ash and soot from the chimneys on Facts about Chimney Sweeps. The soot on the chimney should be removed regularly. The activity to clear the chimney was conducted by the chimney sweep. To become a chimney sweep, the boys had to take apprentices in United Kingdom. The boys will be taught on how to climb the chimney and clean it. Here are other interesting facts about chimney sweeps:

Facts about Chimney Sweeps 1: the usage of chimney sweeps in other countries

The chimney sweeps were included to trade guilds in German states. The climbing boys were not employed. In other parts of European countries such as France, Belgium and Italy, the climbing boys were employed.

Facts about Chimney Sweeps 2: the demand of chimney sweeps

Chimney sweep was considered as a sought after occupation during the age of industrialization. In this period, the usage of chimney in the houses was very extensive.

Facts about Chimney Sweeps

Facts about Chimney Sweeps

Facts about Chimney Sweeps 3: the complicated routes of chimney sweep

It is not easy to become a chimney sweep. The buildings were made in complicated design. They were very high. The common standard for the size of the flues was 14 inches by 9 inches. It was narrow.

Facts about Chimney Sweeps 4: the payment

Even though chimney sweep was a very dangerous and difficult job during the age of industrialization, the payment for this job was very low.

Chimney Sweeps

Chimney Sweeps

Facts about Chimney Sweeps 5: the literature and art

The job as a chimney sweep had been used as an inspiration in art and literature. The depiction of chimney sweep could be seen in pantomime, ballad and verse.

Facts about Chimney Sweeps 6: George Smart

George Smart took the credit as the inventor of the first mechanical sweeping machine. In 1803, he made the machine.

Chimney Sweeps Pic

Chimney Sweeps Pic

Facts about Chimney Sweeps 7: John Glass

In 1828, an improved version of a sweeping machine was marketed by John Glass. The modern chimney sweep brush was invented by John Glass. Find facts about castles here.

Facts about Chimney Sweeps 8: the black sweep-boys

The black sweep boys from the South were employed by the people who lived in the North of United States.

Chimney Sweeps Facts

Chimney Sweeps Facts

Facts about Chimney Sweeps 9: the dangerous job

Chimney sweep is considered as dangerous job.  The worker could burn to death, suffocate, or even get stuck in the flue. Get facts about Chester Cathedral here.

Facts about Chimney Sweeps 10: Chimney Sweeps Cancer

The risk of having Chimney Sweeps Cancer was very high for the chimney sweep because the sooth was a carcinogen.

Chimney Sweep Pic

Chimney Sweep Pic

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