10 Facts about Chimpanzees

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Facts about Chimpanzees inform you with the African species of great ape. People like to call it chimps. You can spot the presence of chimpanzees in the jungles of Congo. Actually this animal is originated from Sub-Saharan Africa. There are two species of chimpanzees. Both are P. paniscus or bonobo and P. troglodytes and chimpanzee. Get other interesting facts about chimpanzees:

Facts about Chimpanzees 1: the social animals

Chimpanzees are considered as the social animals. They live by forming a large community.

Facts about Chimpanzees 2: the appearance

The female and male have different appearance and body size.  If you check the hair, most of them have the black or brown hair.



Facts about Chimpanzees 3: the food

Let’s talk about the primary diet of Chimpanzees. The animals like to eat fruit as the main food. Other foods that Chimpanzees consume include insect, bark, honey, vegetables and many more.

Facts about Chimpanzees 4: the life span

The life span of Chimpanzees can reach 30 years old. This life span applies for the Chimpanzees which live in the captivity or even wild areas.

Facts about Chimpanzees

Facts about Chimpanzees

Facts about Chimpanzees 5: Jane Goodall

Jane Goodall is considered as an important person who pioneers the study of the apes. She is a primatologist.

Facts about Chimpanzees 6: an intelligent

The intelligence of Chimpanzees is impressive. They use the foliage and branches to create complicated sleeping nests. There are various tools that Chimpanzees make to help their daily activities.



Facts about Chimpanzees 7: the endangered species

Chimpanzees are included in the list of the endangered species. The population of Chimpanzees is decreased from time to time because of various reasons. The habitat destructions, poaching, and illegal pet trade are included as the threat for Chimpanzees. The people who concern with the life of chimpanzees form the rehabilitation and conservation of chimpanzees. Find facts about chicken here.

Facts about Chimpanzees 8: the height

The weight of chimpanzees is around 150 or 70 kilogram. The male has bigger body than the female chimpanzees. The height of this animal is around 3.9 feet or 1.2 meter. The legs of chimpanzees are shorter than the arms.

Chimpanzees Pictures

Chimpanzees Pictures

Facts about Chimpanzees 9: bonobo

If you compare the body of bonobo with the other chimpanzees, it has longer limbs and thinner body. Therefore, bonobo can walk with more upright posture than the other chimpanzees. Get facts about Chihuahuas here.

Facts about Chimpanzees 10: the coat

The coat of chimpanzees is in dark tone. The hairless parts of their body include the sole of the feet, hand palms, fingers and face.

Chimpanzees Facts

Chimpanzees Facts

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