10 Facts about China

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Facts about China inform the interesting facts about the most populous country in the world. The country is inhabited by more than 1.35 billion people. The official name of the country is PRC or People’s Republic of China.  The location of China is in East Asia. The Communist Party governs this state. Beijing is the capital city where the central government sits. Find other interesting facts about China below:

Facts about China 1: the jurisdiction

If you check the jurisdiction of China, it has four direct controlled municipalities, five autonomous regions, two self governing regions and 22 provinces.  The sovereignty of Taiwan is under the claim of China. Macau and Hong Kong are the two self governing regions of China. Both have special administration.

Facts about China 2: the land area

If you look at the land area of China, it takes the second largest country in the world. It covers the area at 9.6 million square km. If you check it based on the total area, it comes in the third or fourth place.

China facts

China facts

Facts about China 3: the landscape

The landscape of China is super unique for you can find diverse look. You can spot the Taklamakan and Gobi deserts with their hot temperature and arid condition. If you walk at the southern area, you can find the wetter condition with its subtropical forests.

Facts about China 4: the border of South and Central Asia

China is separated from South and Central Asia due to the presence of various mountain ranges such as Tian Shan, Pamir, Karakoram and Himalaya.

Facts about China

Facts about China

Facts about China 5: the civilization

One of the famous cradles of civilization in the world is China. The people like to know the ancient history of China. It becomes the subject in various popular cultures and literature.

Facts about China 6: the ancient civilization in China

The ancient civilization in China can be traced back in North China Plain at the fertile basin of Yellow River. It is considered as one of the earliest civilizations in the world.



Facts about China 7: the famous rivers

Can you mention the famous rivers in China?  The third longest one in the world is Yangtze River, while the sixth longest one is Yellow River. Get facts about China’s geography here.

Facts about China 8: dynasties

Dynasty was very important as the political system in China for millennia.  The monarchies were hereditary.

China Pictures

China Pictures

Facts about China 9: the last dynasty

In 1911, the last dynasty in China was overthrown by ROC or Republic of China. The Communist Party took over the power.

Facts about China 10: the economy

Based on the nominal total GDP, China takes the second largest economy in the world as of 2014. Find facts about China’s Economy here.

China Pic

China Pic

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