10 Facts about China History

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Let’s find out Facts about China History in the below explanation. The history of China can be traced back in 1500 BC. There are various ancient texts which give the people the insight about the ancient civilization in China. In 1600-1046 BC, there was Shang dynasty.  Find out other interesting facts about China History below:

Facts about China History 1: the ancient historical texts

There are various historical texts related to China in the past. The Xia dynasty was described in the Bamboo Annals. Another text is Records of the Grand Historian.

Facts about China History 2: the cradle of Chinese civilization

The cradle of civilization in China is located at Yellow River. During the Neolithic period, the Yangtze River and Yellow River were considered as the important sites of civilizations.

China History Facts

China History Facts

Facts about China History 3: the civilization in China

The civilization in China is considered as one of the oldest civilizations.

Facts about China History 4: Zhou dynasty

Zhou dynasty lasted from 1046 until 256 BC. During the period, the philosophy, literature and culture of China developed well.

Facts about China History

Facts about China History

Facts about China History 5: Qing Dynasty

Qing Dynasty lasted from 1644 until 1912.  It is considered as the last dynasty in China. In 1912, Republic of China replaced the dynasty. In 1949, it was replaced by People’s Republic of China.

Facts about China History 6: the modern culture of China

The modern culture of China is the assimilation of culture, foreign contact, expansion and immigration. The politics and cultures of the country were influenced by the western world as well as the Asian world. Get facts about China here.

China History Image

China History Image

Facts about China History 7: Homo erectus

The experts estimated that a million years ago China was occupied by Homo erectus. It can be seen from the stone tools traced back 1.36 million years ago. The people discovered them at Xiaochangliang site.

Facts about China History 8: the use of fire

The usage of fire by Homo erectus was traced back around 1.27 million years ago.  The record of the fire was seen at Xihoudu in Shanxi Province. Find facts about ancient China here.

China History Pictures

China History Pictures

Facts about China History 9: the fossil teeth

Fuyan Cave is the location of the discovery of fossil teeth of Homo sapiens. The teeth were traced back around 125,000 to 80,000 BCE. The cave is situated in Hunan.

Facts about China History 10: the Neolithic age

The Neolithic age is very important to talk in the Chinese history. When you study about this period, it will take you to 10,000 BC.

China History Pic

China History Pic

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