10 Facts about China Music

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The music of the Chinese people is explained on Facts about China Music. The Chinese music includes the music created by the Han Chinese people or even minority people in China. The characters of Chinese music can be seen from the usage of Chinese language and traditional Chinese instruments. The genre of Chinese music can be modern, contemporary or even traditional ones. Get other facts about China music below:

Facts about China Music 1: the different Chinese music

Chinese music is developed in various styles based on the history. It can be traced back in Zhou Dynasty which lasted in 1122 BC until 256 BC. The musical style can be seen from the archeological artifacts in China.

Facts about China Music 2: the development of Chinese music

If you check the Chinese music today, it is very different from the Chinese music in the past. It evolves into the contemporary and modern Chinese music style.

China Music Facts

China Music Facts

Facts about China Music 3: guoyue

The national music in China is called guoyue. This term has been used by the Chinese people since the beginning of 20th century.

Facts about China Music 4: the national music of China

The national music of China is used to increase the awareness of the people about the rich history and heritage of Chinese music. The Chinese instruments are used in the music.

China Music Group

China Music Group

Facts about China Music 5: the new term of national Chinese music

There are several terms to call the Chinese music. Post 1949, the term minyue was applied to call the music using the traditional instruments to create the compositions. In Singapore, it is called huayue. In Hong Kong, people call zhongyue.

Facts about China Music 6: the categories

There are eight categories which classify the musical instrument of China. People can play the traditional music with small ensembles or even using the solo instruments.

China Music Pic

China Music Pic

Facts about China Music 7: the small ensembles

When the people play the Chinese music with small ensembles, there are several important musical instruments to note. They are drums, gongs, cymbals, and flutes, bowed stringed instruments and plucked stringed instruments. Check China facts here.

Facts about China Music 8: the oldest known musical instruments from China

Can you mention the oldest musical instruments from China? They include bamboo pipes and qin.

Facts about China Music

Facts about China Music

Facts about China Music 9: the materials of the musical instruments

The Chinese musical instruments can be divided based on the materials.  They can be made of stone, metal, clay, animal skins, wood, bamboo, gourd and silk. Get facts about ancient China here.

Facts about China Music 10: Chinese orchestras

The percussions, plucked strings, bowed strings and woodwinds are some musical instruments played in the traditional Chinese orchestras.

China Music Facts

China Music Facts

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