10 Facts about China’s Geography

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If you are interested to know the physical diversity and landscape of China, you have to check Facts about China’s Geography. The location of China is East Asia. It spans on the area at 3,123 miles or 5,026 km. The fertile foothills and lowlands are located at the east and south. Get other facts about China’s Geography:

Facts about China’s Geography 1: the border

China shares land border with fourteen countries in the west, south and north. If you spot the east side of China, it is bordered by Korean Bay, East China Sea, South China Sea, Bohai Sea, Yellow Sea, and Taiwan Strait.

Facts about China’s Geography 2: macro-regions

There are five macro regions in China. Those are Tibetan highlands, Xinjiang-Mongolia, southern hills, north plain and northeast plain.

China's Geography Facts

China’s Geography Facts

Facts about China’s Geography 3: the west and north area

You can find sunken basins located at the north and west of China. You can spot Taklamakan and Gobi deserts. The areas are dominated by the towering massifs and rolling plateaus.

Facts about China’s Geography 4: the center of the Chinese population

The center of Chinese population is located at the central plain of China.  The civilization could be seen on the lower and middles areas near Yellow River.

China's Geography Pic

China’s Geography Pic

Facts about China’s Geography 5: the total area

Based on the total area, China takes the third largest country in the world. It has the area at 11,000 miles or 18,000 km.

Facts about China’s Geography 6: the coastline

The coastline in China is very important. It is used to boost the economy of the country due to the export oriented trade.

Facts about China's Geography

Facts about China’s Geography

Facts about China’s Geography 7: the variations of China’s Geography

There are many variations of landscape that you can find in China. You can spot the volcanic calderas, broad basins, deep river valleys, snow capped mountains, rolling plains, low latitude glaciers or even high plateaus.

Facts about China’s Geography 8: the land surface

The hills account 10 percent of China, while Mountain and plateaus occupy 33 percent and 26 percent of the land area. Find facts about ancient China here.

China's Geography Pictures

China’s Geography Pictures

Facts about China’s Geography 9: the rugged terrains

China also has the rough terrains which make the people cannot construct the infrastructure and transportation.

Facts about China’s Geography 10: Great Wall of China

One of the important buildings in China is Great Wall of China.  It spans on 1,200 miles from east to the west side of China.

China's Geography

China’s Geography

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