10 Facts about China’s Government

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If you want to know all power in China, check Facts about China’s Government. There are several bodies which make up the power in the Chinese movement. The State Council represents the executive branch. The National People’s Congress represents the legislative branch. The Supreme People’s Court and the Supreme People’s Procuratorate account for the judicial branch, while the military branch is represented by PLA or People’s Liberation Army. Get other interesting facts about China’s government below:

Facts about China’s Government 1: the members of the Communist Party of China

The members of the Communist Party of China play an important role in the military as well as the state structure.

Facts about China’s Government 2: the national significance

The decisions for the national importance are made by Politburo Standing Committee of the Communist Party of China. There are around four to nine people included in the committee. They control the communist party in China.

China's Government Facts

China’s Government Facts

Facts about China’s Government 3: Xi Jinping

Xi Jinping is current Paramount Leader. The power in China is controlled by the leader.

Facts about China’s Government 4: the role of Paramount Leader

The Paramount Leader in China has a significant role. He serves as the President of the People’s Republic of China, Chairman of the Central Military Commission and General Secretary of the Communist Party and of the Central Committee.

Facts about China's Government

Facts about China’s Government

Facts about China’s Government 5: PRC constitution

PRC constitution is applied to give a guarantee for the legal power of Communist Party in China.

Facts about China’s Government 6: the main state power in China

There are three primary organs for the state power in China. Those are the State Council, President and NPC or National People’s Congress. Get facts about China’s geography here.

China's Government Image

China’s Government Image

Facts about China’s Government 7: the members of State Council

The Premier, Vice Premiers, State Councilors, heads of State Council commissions and ministers are included as the members of State Council.

Facts about China’s Government 8: the constitution

On 20 September 1954, the first constitution was made. There were only 30 articles when the constitution was shortened in 1975 after the second promulgation. The expanded number of the articles occurred in 1978 in the third promulgation. The fourth promulgation is the current constitution used in China.

China's Government Pic

China’s Government Pic

Facts about China’s Government 9: the highest state body

The highest state body in China is taken by National People’s Congress. In China, it serves as the only legislative house.

Facts about China’s Government 10: the president and vice president

National People’s Congress elects the president and vice president. They serve for five years in China.

China's Government Members

China’s Government Members

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