10 Facts about China’s Population

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Let’s find out Facts about China’s Population in the following post below. The Chinese population is very high today. The large population in the country is identified with the small youth people. In the world, it takes the record as the most populous country. Check other interesting facts about China’s population:

Facts about China’s Population 1: the people in China

China is inhabited by more than 1.355 billion people. The Han Chinese people accounted 91.51 percent of the total population based on 2010 census. The minorities only occupy 8.49 percent.

Facts about China’s Population 2: the growth rate

Let’s find out the growth rate of the people in China. It ranks at 159th in the world with 0.47 percent growth rate.

China's Population Facts

China’s Population Facts

Facts about China’s Population 3: the national census

On November 1st, 2010, the national population census in China was conducted.   In 1910, it was inhabited by 439,214,000. In 1900, there were 400,000,000 people who lived in the country.

Facts about China’s Population 4: the Chinese population in the past

There were 4,000,000 people in 2100 BC. Then the population was increased into 12,000,000 individuals in 700 BC. In 210 BC, China was occupied by 22,000,000 people. There were 58,000,000 people who lived in 2AD in China.

China's Population Pic

China’s Population Pic

Facts about China’s Population 5: the Chinese people in 1500-1800

In 1500, it was inhabited 110,000,000 people. There were 123,000,000 people who lived in China in 1650. The occupants of China in 1800 were 260,000,000 people.

Facts about China’s Population 6: the population in 1910

The people who lived in China accounted for 15 percent of the world’s population in 1910. Find facts about China Government here.

China's Population Pictures

China’s Population Pictures

Facts about China’s Population 7:1982 census

1982 census is considered as a special census for the country received a lot of help from the international organizations. The donation at US$15.6 million was given to China from United Nations Fund for Population Activities.

Facts about China’s Population 8: the sixth census

The total population in China was 1,370,536,875 people in 2010. It was the sixth census in the country. At that time, Macau was inhabited by 552,300 people, while Hong Kong was occupied by 7,097,600 people. There were 23,162,123 people living in Taiwan, while the mainland was the home of 1,339,724,852 people. Find facts about China here.

China's Population

China’s Population

Facts about China’s Population 9: the importance of 1982 census

1982 census is very important for it gives the government an insight about the fertility, population distribution, population density and mortality rate.

Facts about China’s Population 10: the birth control activities

The birth control activities as well as one child policy are included as the examples to reduce the population.

Facts about China's Population

Facts about China’s Population

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