10 Facts about Chinchillas

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Facts about Chinchillas inform you with a robust rodent. When the dusk and dawn come, this animal is very active. If you compare their behavior with the ground squirrels, this crepuscular animal has larger body. Chinchillas can be spotted in various countries such as Argentina, Peru, Chile and Bolivia. Actually the animals were originated from Andes Mountains in South America. Get other interesting facts about Chinchillas below:

Facts about Chinchillas 1: the Chinchillas in Andes Mountains

As I have stated before, Chinchillas were originated from Andes Mountains. They can be seen living at the top of the mountain with the height at 14,000 feet or 4,270 meter. They live in colonies that you can call a herd.

Facts about Chinchillas 2: the wild colonies

Chile is considered as the only place of living for the wild Chinchillas.



Facts about Chinchillas 3: the family

Chinchillas are included in the family Chinchillidae. Another member in the family is viscachas.

Facts about Chinchillas 4: the name

The name of the animals is taken from the Chinca people. They inhabit the Andes Mountain. Once, these people like to wear the velvet like fur. The meaning of chinchilla is little chinca.

Chinchillas facts

Chinchillas facts

Facts about Chinchillas 5: the population of chinchillas

The population of chinchillas has been decreased at the end of 19th century. There were many people who hunted the animals for their soft fur.

Facts about Chinchillas 6: the farm raised chinchillas

There are some people who have farms to raise chinchillas. Their fur is taken to fulfill the need of the fashion industries. The fur can be used to generate clothes or accessories.



Facts about Chinchillas 7: IUCN

IUCN enlists chinchillas as the critically endangered species. For the last fifteen years, the population of chinchillas has been reduced for around 90 percent globally. Hunting is the main cause of the decline. Find facts about chicken here.

Facts about Chinchillas 8: the species

There are two living species of chinchillas. Both are Chinchilla lanigera and Chinchilla chinchilla. The latter one was known as Chinchilla brevicaudata in the past.

white Chinchilla

white Chinchilla

Facts about Chinchillas 9: the difference of both species

C. lanigera has the longer ears and thinner shoulder and neck, and longer tail than C. chinchilla. Get facts about chihuahuas here.

Facts about Chinchillas 10: the population of both species

C. lanigera is very rare, but they can be seen living in the wild area. The population of C. chinchilla faces extinction.

Facts about Chinchillas

Facts about Chinchillas

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