10 Facts about Chinese Art

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If you are interested to know the modern and ancient art, check Facts about Chinese Art. The Chinese artists practice the Chinese art in China. The Chinese culture and Chinese heritage should be seen on the art of China even though it is made in overseas Chinese or in Taiwan. Get other interesting facts about Chinese Art below:

Facts about Chinese Art 1: the Chinese art in Stone Age

The simple sculptures and potteries were the products of the Chinese Art dated back 10,000 years ago. It was during the beginning of Stone Age Art.

Facts about Chinese Art 2: the period of Chinese art

The period of Chinese art is divided based on the dynasty in China. There is no need to wonder that Chinese Art is also divided based on the Chinese history.

Chinese Art Facts

Chinese Art Facts

Facts about Chinese Art 3: the factories or workshops

The imperial workshops and factories produced the best works of textiles and ceramics in the ancient China. The production continued for a very long period of time.

Facts about Chinese Art 4: the tradition of ink washed painting

The court painter and scholar officials liked to create the painting using the ink wash painting technique. The object of the painting can be birds, flowers, and landscapes.

Chinese Art Painting

Chinese Art Painting

Facts about Chinese Art 5: the contemporary art in China

In China, the contemporary art began to develop after it had contact with the western art.

Facts about Chinese Art 6: the techniques of traditional Chinese painting

The people employ the similar technique for painting the traditional Chinese art and Chinese calligraphy. The painters do not use the oils. They include the black or colored inks to dip the brush and paint the art on the paper or silk.

Chinese Art Pictures

Chinese Art Pictures

Facts about Chinese Art 7: how to store the paintings

If the paintings have been made, it can be stored in hand scrolls or even hanging scrolls. The people also hang it in folding screen, lacquerware, walls and album sheets. Find Chinese culture facts here.

Facts about Chinese Art 8: the techniques of painting

There two types of primary techniques to create the Chinese paintings.  You can use the ink and wash painting and Gong-bi technique. The latter one is defined with the detailed brushstrokes.

Chinese Art

Chinese Art

Facts about Chinese Art 9: the main object

Human figure is the main subject for the Chinese artists during the Han to the Tang dynasties. Find facts about ancient China here.

Facts about Chinese Art 10: the tomb paintings

The tomb paintings were very common in the ancient Chinese. They were found in the burial sites since the function was to protect the dead people.

Facts about Chinese Art

Facts about Chinese Art

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