10 Facts about Chinese Calligraphy

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If you want to know the form of calligraphy which spreads in China, check Facts about Chinese Calligraphy. This Chinese calligraphy also spreads in other countries in the world such as Vietnam, Korea, Japan and Taiwan. This art was developed in China, but it was native to East Asia. Here are other interesting facts about Chinese calligraphy below:

Facts about Chinese Calligraphy 1: the painting

The ink and wash painting is often linked with calligraphy. The techniques and tools used to produce calligraphy are the same.

Facts about Chinese Calligraphy 2: the difference

Calligraphy is very different with other visual art because the artists will focus on the dynamic life and motion. When shifting the space, the rhythm and time are carefully applied.

Chinese Calligraphy Art

Chinese Calligraphy Art

Facts about Chinese Calligraphy 3: the development of Chinese art

Due to the presence of Chinese calligraphy, there are several types of art developed in China. It can be seen from the development of inkstones, intricate paperweight, seal carving and many more. Find facts about Chinese History here.

Facts about Chinese Calligraphy 4: the importance of Chinese calligraphy

In China, calligraphy is considered as an important form of art. It is used to reflect the Chinese culture.

Chinese Calligraphy Facts

Chinese Calligraphy Facts

Facts about Chinese Calligraphy 5: the science of calligraphy

Calligraphy is not easy to do. The people have to focus on writing the characters well.   The people who are interested with calligraphy should follow the rules for writing Han characters at the basic level. It is not focused on the artistic form. Get facts about ancient China here.

Facts about Chinese Calligraphy 6: Calligraphy as art

Creating Calligraphy as an art is very difficult. It needs years of training. The works of Calligraphy are appreciated by the people due to the aesthetic and beautiful qualities.

Chinese Calligraphy

Chinese Calligraphy

Facts about Chinese Calligraphy 7: the tools

There are several tools that you need to prepare before you create the Chinese calligraphy. One of them is the brush. It can be made of silver, gold, glass, sandalwood or even bamboo. The feather of the brush can be made of the feather or hair of duck, chicken, wolf, pig or rabbit.

Facts about Chinese Calligraphy 8: the paper

Don’t forget to prepare the paper before you create calligraphy. In the market, the paper is sold along with the desk pad and paperweight.

Chinese Calligraphy Image

Chinese Calligraphy Image

Facts about Chinese Calligraphy 9: the function of paperweight

Do you know the function of paperweight? You can hold on the paper using this tool.

Facts about Chinese Calligraphy 10: the famous calligrapher

The famous calligraphers include Yan Zhenqing, Emperor Taizong of Tang, Wang Xizhi, Wei Shuo, and Yu Shinan.

Chinese Words

Chinese Words

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