10 Facts about Chinese Culture

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Facts about Chinese Culture tell you about one of the famous cultures in the world. The important subjects that you have to learn on Chinese cultures include music, ceramics, martial arts, religions, visual arts, cuisines, literature, architectures and many more. The traditions and customs of the Chinese people are different based on the location. Check other facts about Chinese culture below:

Facts about Chinese Culture 1: the ancestral items

There are at least three ancestral items which present the region in China. The hickory nut, bamboo shoot trunk and tea leaf are used to represent the ancient city of Lin’an. The aged ginger, chenpi and hay are used to represent Guangdong.

Facts about Chinese Culture 2: Chinese dragon

During the Qing dynasty, the symbol of the Chinese emperors and high level imperial families is seen on Chinese dragon.  Find facts about ancient China here.

Chinese Culture Pic

Chinese Culture Pic

Facts about Chinese Culture 3: the social values

The social values in China are mainly seen in Taoism and Confucianism. The people also believe the idea of rebirth or reincarnation.

Facts about Chinese Culture 4: the religion during Xia and Shang dynasties

During Xia and Shang dynasties, the people worshipped Shang Di. It was considered as the supreme god. The oracle bones were used by the king and diviners who acted as the priests. The concept of heaven was employed during Zhou dynasty. Get facts about Chinese history here.

Chinese Culture Pictures

Chinese Culture Pictures

Facts about Chinese Culture 5: Chinese classic texts

During the Zhou dynasty, there were a lot of Chinese classic texts created. It covered different subjects such as calendar, astronomy, constellation, astrology and poetry.

Facts about Chinese Culture 6: the early texts

The I Ching and the Shujing are considered as the early classical texts of China. The important texts created during the Song dynasty include Shen Kuo’s Dream Pool Essays and Su Song’s Xin Yixiang Fayao.

Chinese Culture

Chinese Culture

Facts about Chinese Culture 7: the Chinese music and dance

The Chinese music and dance were developed in the ancient Chinese period. Yayue is considered as the ritual music in China during Zhou dynasty.

Facts about Chinese Culture 8: the Chinese musical instruments

Some of the Chinese musical instruments include Guzheng, Xun, erhu, sheng and xiao, pipa, and guqin.

Facts about Chinese Culture

Facts about Chinese Culture

Facts about Chinese Culture 9: the Chinese art

The Chinese art is not merely a visual art. It also covers the performance art, folk art and fine art. During the Paleolithic period, the artists focused on the production of porcelain pottery.

Facts about Chinese Culture 10: the martial art

The science of martial art is always associated with China. People love to watch the people fighting using Kung Fu.

Chinese Culture Facts

Chinese Culture Facts

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