10 Facts about Chinese Dragons

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One of the important symbols in Chinese folklore and Chinese mythology is explained on Facts about Chinese Dragons. In China, the symbol of dragon is depicted in a snake like animal with four legs. Actually it has various animal-like forms such as fish and turtle.  It is used to symbolize good luck, strength and power. Here are other interesting facts about Chinese dragons:

Facts about Chinese Dragons 1: in yin and yang

The dragon is considered as the yang in yin and yang concept. The Chinese dragon and Chinese phoenix are complemented each other.

Facts about Chinese Dragons 2: the power of Chinese dragons

The Chinese dragons have power. It is always associated with their ability to control typhoons, rainfalls, water and floods. Check facts about Chinese history here.

Chinese Dragons Lantern

Chinese Dragons Lantern

Facts about Chinese Dragons 3: Chinese dragon in Imperial china

During the imperial china, there were a lot of images of Chinese dragon used by the kings to show his strength and power.

Facts about Chinese Dragons 4: the dragon and the common people

The common people are associated with dragon if they have wonderful abilities. They are considered as excellent and exceptional people. On the other hand, the people will be compared with worms if they have no achievements or even abilities. There is no need to wonder that there are several idioms and proverbs which use dragons. Find China facts here.

Chinese Dragons Facts

Chinese Dragons Facts

Facts about Chinese Dragons 5: the symbol of Chinese Emperor

In China, dragon was an important symbol for the Chinese emperor. The three-clawed dragon was referred to dafu or ministers. The four-clawed dragon was for zhuhou or nobles. The Son of Heaven was represented with the five-clawed dragon. That’s applied on Zhou dynasty.

Facts about Chinese Dragons 6: the Chinese dragon in Qin dynasty

The emperor was represented by using the five-clawed dragon in Qin dynasty. The commoners were represented either by the three clawed dragons or the four clawed dragons.

Chinese Dragons Image

Chinese Dragons Image

Facts about Chinese Dragons 7: the national flag

If you check the national flag of Qin dynasty, it features the dragon.

Facts about Chinese Dragons 8: the national emblem

The national emblem of China is often represented in the West using the dragon symbol.

Chinese Dragons

Chinese Dragons

Facts about Chinese Dragons 9: the symbol of nation

It is not common for the people to use the Chinese dragon as the national symbol of Republic of China on Taiwan and People’s Republic of China. The Chinese dragon is mostly used by the people as the symbol of Chinese culture today.

Facts about Chinese Dragons 10: Brand Hong Kong

The Brand Hong Kong is represented using Chinese dragon. The Hong Kong people use the symbol to promote it in the international world.

Facts about Chinese Dragons

Facts about Chinese Dragons

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