10 Facts about Chinese Festivals

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If you want to know various festivals in China, check Facts about Chinese Festivals. One of the famous festivals is the Chinese New Year. People also call it spring festival. This celebration is not only seen in China, but also in Vietnam, Korea and other Asian countries. It is considered as a prayer offering or harvest offering.  Get other interesting facts about Chinese festivals.

Facts about Chinese Festivals 1: the schedules

The schedules of the traditional holidays are set based on the Chinese calendar. The exception is seen in the celebration in the Winter Solstice and Qin Ming days. Both are seen based on the Agricultural calendar.

Facts about Chinese Festivals 2: Qixi Festival

Qixi Festival is the celebration of yearly meeting of weaver girl and cowherd. People also call it Qi Qiao Festival.

Chinese Festival

Chinese Festival

Facts about Chinese Festivals 3: the schedule of Qixi Festival

The Chinese people celebrate this Qixi Festival in the seventh month on the Chinese calendar on 7th day.

Facts about Chinese Festivals 4: the nicknames

There are various nicknames to call Qixi Festival. People often call it Night of Seven, Chinese Valentine’s Day, Double Seventh Festival or Magpie Festival. This celebration was dated back since the Han Dynasty. It is about the Weaver Girl and Cowherd tale. Get facts about Chinese Art here.

Chinese Festivals Pic

Chinese Festivals Pic

Facts about Chinese Festivals 5: Shangsi Festival

Shangsi Festival is the celebration during the 3rd month of the Chinese calendar on the 3rd day. It is considered as the ancient Chinese festival. People also call it as Double Third Festival. Get facts about Chinese Culture here.

Facts about Chinese Festivals 6: what people do in Shangsi Festival?

There are various activities that people do during Shangsi Festival. The people will pluck orchids and have picnic.

Chinese Festival

Chinese Festival

Facts about Chinese Festivals 7: cleansing ritual

During the Shangsi Festival, people also have cleansing rituals. It is used to eliminate the bad luck and prevent the disease.

Facts about Chinese Festivals 8: the celebration in Korea

In Korea, people also celebrate the Shangsi festival.  They call it sangsa or Samjinnal festival in the country. The Japanese people call it Hinamatsuri.

Chinese Festival

Chinese Festival

Facts about Chinese Festivals 9: the celebration of Chinese New Year

The Chinese New Year is celebrated in various countries such China, Cambodia, Singapore, Taiwan, Macau, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Philippines, Mauritius, Malaysia and many more.  It is very popular in the countries with high population of Chinese people.

Facts about Chinese Festivals 10: what people do during Chinese New Year?

During the Chinese New Year, the Chinese families will gather and spend quality time together.

Facts about Chinese Festivals

Facts about Chinese Festivals

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