10 Facts about Chinese Folklore

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If you want to know the folklore of China, read Facts about Chinese Folklore below. There are many products of Chinese folklore. You can find them in the form of puppetry, dances, songs, tales and poetry. The themes of the story in Chinese folklore are various.  The readers are entertained with supernatural, love, landmarks, natural phenomenon, legend, history of China and human nature. Here are other interesting facts about Chinese folklore to note:

Facts about Chinese Folklore 1: the forms

The forms of Chinese folklore are vast.  It tells the people about legends, fables or even myths.

Facts about Chinese Folklore 2: the popular tale

One of the most popular tales in China is Pu Songling’s Strange Stories.

Chinese Folklore Book

Chinese Folklore Book

Facts about Chinese Folklore 3: the primary influence

The faith and philosophies developed in China affect the style and story of Chinese folklore.  The teaching of Buddhism, Confucianism and Taoism influenced the folklore.

Facts about Chinese Folklore 4: the importance of Chinese folklore

Chinese folklore is very important in the world of literature. There are many Chinese poets and writers inspired after they read the folklore.

Facts about Chinese Folklore

Facts about Chinese Folklore

Facts about Chinese Folklore 5: courtly poetry

Courtly poetry was developed due to the folk song. It gave the people more inspirations to create the courtly poetry since the folk song is often performed along with other performing art and dances.

Facts about Chinese Folklore 6: the classical fiction

During the Han Dynasty, people began to develop the classical fiction. It was not written but it spread through oral tradition.

Chinese Folklore

Chinese Folklore

Facts about Chinese Folklore 7: the folk plays

The folk plays influence the development the dramatic plays during the Yuan and Ming era. Check facts about China here.

Facts about Chinese Folklore 8: the modern

There are various works of modern art influenced by the tradition of Chinese folklore. The examples can be seen on the Walt Disney Pictures’ Mulan, Maxine Hong Kingston’s The Woman Warrior, and Laurence Yep’s The Magic Paintbrush.

Chinese Folklore Image

Chinese Folklore Image

Facts about Chinese Folklore 9: The Classic of Poetry

The earliest known poetry collection is called The Classic of Poetry. If you read it, it has 160 folk songs. There are several opinions about the purpose of the poetry collection. Ones believed that it was used to improve the effectiveness of the king when ruling the country. Others believed that the poetry was collected by Confucius. Check facts about Chinese history here.

Facts about Chinese Folklore 10: the increased popularity

The popularity of Chinese folklore was increased in 1910s. At the time, the language of education and literature was applied using the vernacular Chinese.

Chinese Folklore Facts

Chinese Folklore Facts

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