10 Facts about Chinese Inventions

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Those who want to know the impressive discoveries and inventions should read Facts about Chinese Inventions. The inventions were developed during the ancient China. One of the famous inventions was silk. The wealthy people in China loved silk material due to the light and soft texture. Therefore, silk was exported to Europe. That’s why Silk Road was developed for trading silk from China to Europe. Here are other interesting facts about Chinese Inventions:

Facts about Chinese Inventions 1: how to make silk

Silk was made by the Chinese people from the cocoons of silkworms. For hundreds of years, the method to create silk was kept in secret by the Chinese people.

Facts about Chinese Inventions 2: paper

Another invention by the Chinese people is paper. In the second century BC, the Chinese people invented paper. In 105 AD, paper was manufactured and perfected in the country. Paper is very important today. People use it to create books, playing cards or even paper money.

Facts about Chinese Inventions

Facts about Chinese Inventions

Facts about Chinese Inventions 3: the compass

Do you know that the magnetic compass is invented in China? The main function of compass is used to decide the direction. At first, it was used by the Chinese people to plan the city. Then it was employed for navigating the ships and making maps.

Facts about Chinese Inventions 4: the printing

In AD 868, the invention of wood block printing was made in China. 200 years later, the moveable version of the printing was made.

Chinese Inventions

Chinese Inventions

Facts about Chinese Inventions 5: Boat Rudder

The next invention in China was Boat Rudder. Due to this invention, the Chinese people could create the big ships.

Facts about Chinese Inventions 6: the gunpowder

In 9th century, the Chinese people invented gunpowder. It was used for military purposes. It was used as the main content for rockets, mines, guns and bombs.

Chinese Inventions Pic

Chinese Inventions Pic

Facts about Chinese Inventions 7: the fireworks

The fireworks are mostly used during the important celebrations such as marriage or even traditional Chinese festivals. This firework was made using gunpowder. Get facts about Chinese culture here.

Facts about Chinese Inventions 8: Four Great Inventions of Ancient China

The Four Great Inventions of Ancient China are compass, paper, printing and gunpowder.

Chinese Inventions Image

Chinese Inventions Image

Facts about Chinese Inventions 9: the Chinese kite

The kite was invented in China. At first, it was used for military signal. Today, flying the kite is used for leisure activity.

Facts about Chinese Inventions 10: other inventions

Other inventions in China include matches, hot air balloons, acupuncture, and stirrups for riding horses, iron casting, porcelain, umbrella, seismographs and wheelbarrow. Get facts about Chinese civilization here.

Chinese Inventions Facts

Chinese Inventions Facts

Do you enjoy reading facts about Chinese inventions?

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