10 Facts about Chinese Language

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Facts about Chinese Language tell you about the first language spoken by the Chinese people. Around 16 percent of the whole population in the world speaks Chinese. It is spoken by 1.2 billion people. Actually there are several varieties of Chinese languages. The linguists consider them as a different language family, while the native people consider them as dialects of a single Chinese. Get other facts about Chinese language below:

Facts about Chinese Language 1: the regional groups of Chinese

Depending on the way people classify the schemes of Chinese language, it is available in around 7 to 13 primary regional groups.

Facts about Chinese Language 2: the people who speak Chinese

Mandarin is considered as the most spoken Chinese language. It is used by 960 million people. There are 80 million people who speak Wu. 70 million people speak Min language.  The Yue language is spoken by 60 million people. Check facts about Chinese Calligraphy here.

Chinese Language Facts

Chinese Language Facts

Facts about Chinese Language 3: the varieties of Chinese

The varieties of Chinese languages can be seen from the analytic and tonal style.

Facts about Chinese Language 4: the standard Chinese language

The standard form of spoken Chinese is determined based on the Beijing dialect of Mandarin. Get facts about China here.

Facts about Chinese Language

Facts about Chinese Language

Facts about Chinese Language 5: the official language

Chinese is a very popular language spoken in China. Actually the people in Taiwan and Singapore also speak Chinese.

Facts about Chinese Language 6: Chinese in United Nations

In Singapore, Chinese is considered as one of the four official languages in the country. In United Nations, it is one of the 6 official languages. Therefore, people like to learn Chinese.

Chinese Language

Chinese Language

Facts about Chinese Language 7: the written form of Chinese

The written form of Chinese is called the Chinese characters. It was developed from the logograms.

Facts about Chinese Language 8: Cantonese

Cantonese is also a popular Chinese language. It is mostly spoken by the people who live in Macau, Hong Kong and Guangdong.  It is considered as a variety of Yue.

Chinese Language Pic

Chinese Language Pic

Facts about Chinese Language 9: Min Nan

The people who live in Southeast Asia and southern Fujian usually speak Min Nan.

Facts about Chinese Language 10: the development of Chinese language

The usage of Chinese language was dated back around 3,000 years ago. The language developed from time to time. The people who lived in Western Zhou Period communicated using Old Chinese language. Guóyu was established as the standard national language of China in 1930s.

Chinese Language Image

Chinese Language Image

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