10 Facts about Chinese Lanterns

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The lantern made of bright colored and thin paper is elaborated on Facts about Chinese Lanterns.  The Chinese lanterns are very unique for they are available in a lot of shapes, styles, colors and designs. The method of construction of this lantern is various too. Therefore, people can get the flower, tree or Chinese dragon paper lantern. Check other interesting facts about Chinese lanterns below:

Facts about Chinese Lanterns 1: the simple form of Chinese lanterns

Can you tell me the simple form of Chinese lanterns? The people create it from a paper bag and fill it with a candle.

Facts about Chinese Lanterns 2: the complicated lanterns

The paper lantern can be made in elaborate and ornate design. The frame of the lantern can be made of metal or even bamboo. Then the tough and hard paper will be used to cover the frame.  Some people replace the usage of paper with colored vinyl or silk to create the lanterns.

chinese Lanterns Facts

chinese Lanterns Facts

Facts about Chinese Lanterns 3: the design of Chinese lanterns

The Chinese lanterns are unique. You can have them decorated with Chinese characters.

Facts about Chinese Lanterns 4: the differences between the paper and vinyl lantern

The silk lanterns are durable. They can last longer. If you use the paper lanterns, they will not last longer. It is easier for the paper lantern to break. It cannot resist wind, sunlight and rain. Another durable Chinese lantern is made of vinyl.

 chinese Lanterns

chinese Lanterns

Facts about Chinese Lanterns 5: the faded color

The Chinese lanterns often have the faded color when it is made in gold paper. It will turn into pale white color.  The people get the combination of pink and red when the red silk fades away.

Facts about Chinese Lanterns 6: the common item during festivals

Chinese lanterns are not only spotted in China. You can also find them in Japan, Korea and Chinatowns all over the world. The local people create the Chinese lanterns to set in various amazing festivals. Check facts about Chinese kites here.

Facts about chinese Lanterns

Facts about chinese Lanterns

Facts about Chinese Lanterns 7: sky lanterns

One of the famous types of Chinese lanterns is sky lanterns. During the lantern festivals, the people will release the sky lanterns to the air.

Facts about Chinese Lanterns 8: the classes of Chinese paper lanterns

There are five different classes of Chinese lanterns. Those include Buddha’s Gastronomy, Crystal Magic, Tomato Light, Baby’s Bottom and Rolling Paper.

Chinese Lantern Facts

Chinese Lantern Facts

Facts about Chinese Lanterns 9: Crystal Magic

Crystal Magic is the lantern which has the triangular or even square panel. It can be decorated with geometric lamps. Get facts about Chinese history here.

Facts about Chinese Lanterns 10: Buddha’s Gastronomy

Buddha’s Gastronomy is a special lantern. The people use it for festivals or even decorating temples.

Chinese Lantern festivals

Chinese Lantern festivals

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