10 Facts about Chinese Masks

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Facts about Chinese Masks present the information about the masks used by the Chinese people for various purposes. In the past, the Chinese masks were associated with religious activities. Now the people use the Chinese masks for entertainment and arts. Let’s find out other interesting facts about Chinese masks below:

Facts about Chinese Masks 1: the culture

The presence of Chinese masks signifies that China is rich of culture and art.  For more than thousands of years of, the Chinese masks have been used by the people for various purposes. It plays an important role in the tradition and custom of the country.

Facts about Chinese Masks 2: the categories

There are several categories of Chinese masks. If you are in China, you can find the theatrical masks, shaman masks, Tibetan masks, and sorcerer masks.

Chinese Mask

Chinese Mask

Facts about Chinese Masks 3: the collectors

There are many collectors in the world who love to have the Chinese masks due to the amazing artistic details and colorful tones.

Facts about Chinese Masks 4: the first Chinese masks

The history of mask in China could be traced back around 3,500 years ago.  That’s the time when the ancient Chinese people created the first masks. The masks were made for the purposes of religious healing and shamanism.

Chinese Masks Facts

Chinese Masks Facts

Facts about Chinese Masks 5: the Chinese rituals

Many traditional Chinese rituals were conducted using masks. It also played an important role during the worshipping activity. The people wanted to grant the blessing from the god by destroying the pestilence.

Facts about Chinese Masks 6: arts

The Chinese masks were introduced in art too. The people use it when they perform opera and dance.

Chinese Masks Pic

Chinese Masks Pic

Facts about Chinese Masks 7: the religious ceremonies

Even though the Chinese masks are mostly used for art and entertainment, there are some religious ceremonies conducted with Chinese masks such as the funeral and wedding.

Facts about Chinese Masks 8: the materials

Wood is the primary material to create the Chinese masks. Then it will be adorned with amazing paints on the face. The masks used by the people to pacify the dead soul and to welcome the god of fortune were the sorcerer’s mask. The ceremony was practiced by the people who lived in Yunnan and Guizhou provinces.

Chinese Masks

Chinese Masks

Facts about Chinese Masks 9: masks for exorcising

In the past, the masks were used for exorcising ceremony. It was used to get rid of the evil spirit. Get facts about Chinese Opera here.

Facts about Chinese Masks 10: other functions of Chinese masks

The other functions of Chinese masks in the past were for the keeping the home safe and celebrating the birth of the babies.

Facts about Chinese Masks

Facts about Chinese Masks

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