10 Facts about Chinese Opera

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The notable type of musical and drama theatre in China is explained on Facts about Chinese Opera.   The Chinese Opera tradition in the country can be traced back in the ancient time. This art performance is very popular for it reflects the culture of China. During the Song Dynasty in 13th century, the Chinese Opera was in its natural form. Get other interesting facts about Chinese Opera below:

Facts about Chinese Opera 1: the early form of Chinese Opera

Chinese Opera was very simple in its early years. Then it was developed. Now you can spot the elaborate version of Chinese Opera. It features acrobatics, martial arts, dance, songs and music.

Facts about Chinese Opera 2: the most notable type of Chinese Opera

The most well known type of Chinese Opera is Beijing Opera. Actually it has various regional branches in China.

Chinese Opera Facts

Chinese Opera Facts

Facts about Chinese Opera 3: Canjun Opera

Canjun Opera is the early form of drama in China. It was dated back during the Zhao Dynasty. There were only two performers in this simple performance.  The characters included a jester and a corrupt officer. The former one was named Grey Hawk, while the latter character was Canjun.

Facts about Chinese Opera 4: during Six Dynasties period

During Six Dynasties period, the Chinese opera developed. It featured dances and songs.

Chinese Opera Pic

Chinese Opera Pic

Facts about Chinese Opera 5: During the Northern Qi Dynasty

One of the famous performance arts during the Northern Qi Dynasty was Big Face. It was a masked dance. It was used to honor Gao Changgong. He wore a mask when he was in the battlefield. Find facts about ancient China here.

Facts about Chinese Opera 6: The Dancing Singing Woman

Another famous drama in the early Chinese Opera was The Dancing Singing Woman. The story of this drama was related to a wife beaten by a husband. The woman characters in the Chinese Opera were once performed by men who dressed up like a woman.

Chinese Opera Image

Chinese Opera Image

Facts about Chinese Opera 7: Ming and early Qing dynasties

Kunqu dominated the performance art in Ming and beginning of Qing dynasties. Tang Xianzu created the famous Kunqu. The title was The Peony Pavilion.

Facts about Chinese Opera 8: the forms of Chinese Opera

There were 368 different forms of Chinese Opera today. Beijing Opera is the famous one in China. The people believed that it was developed in mid-19th century. Get facts about Chinese Music here.

Facts about Chinese Opera

Facts about Chinese Opera

Facts about Chinese Opera 9: Beijing Opera

If you watch the performance of Beijing Opera, you can find out the acted characters accompanied by the performance of percussion and string instrument.

Facts about Chinese Opera 10: the acting

The acting of the artists in Beijing Opera includes footwork and gestures.

Chinese Opera

Chinese Opera

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