10 Facts about Chinese Religion

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Facts about Chinese Religion present the information about the religion-philosophical traditions in China. There are various religions established or developed in the country. Those include Buddhism, Taoism, and Confucianism. All of them are considered as the three teachings. They influence the development of culture in China. Check other facts about Chinese religion below:

Facts about Chinese Religion 1: the combination

In China, the most notable religions in the country are often combined with the folk beliefs.

Facts about Chinese Religion 2: the belief systems in China

The beliefs systems in China are called by some scholars as the thought system, cultural practices or philosophies. They tend to avoid referring the belief system as the religions.

Chinese Religion Facts

Chinese Religion Facts

Facts about Chinese Religion 3: the practice of Chinese religions

The Chinese religious practice was supported by the Chinese emperors. The Mandate of Heaven was claimed by the emperors.

Facts about Chinese Religion 4: Communist Party

The Communist of China has controlled China since 1949. The members of this party are prohibited to embrace any religion because the communist party is an atheist institution.

Chinese Religion

Chinese Religion

Facts about Chinese Religion 5: Mao Zedong

Mao Zedong is one of the notable leaders in China. The religious movement was suppressed during his reign in China.

Facts about Chinese Religion 6: the autonomy

The autonomy has been given to various religious organizations in China by the current leaders of the country. In the international world, China is always associated with the secularist as well as humanist.

Chinese Religion Pictures

Chinese Religion Pictures

Facts about Chinese Religion 7: the five religions in China

There are five official religions recognized by the Party in the country. Those include Catholicism, Taoism, Buddhism, Protestantism, and Islam.

Facts about Chinese Religion 8: other recognitions of other religions

The recognition of the Chinese folk religion and Confucianism is still in the ongoing projects. Find facts about Chinese festivals here.

Chinese Religion Pic

Chinese Religion Pic

Facts about Chinese Religion 9: the largest religious group

The popular religion or folk religion is considered as the largest group of religious tradition in the country. There are several elements in the folk religion which share characteristics with other religions such as Confucianism, Buddhism and Taoism.  It can be seen from the veneration of figures and ancestors of Chinese mythology, gods of human groups, and forces of nature. Get facts about Chinese Folklore here.

Facts about Chinese Religion 10: the gods

The gods of China are numerous. The goddess of sea is Mazu.  The god of prosperity and richness is Caishen. Other gods are Pangue and Huangdi.

Facts about Chinese Religion

Facts about Chinese Religion

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