10 Facts about Chinese Weddings

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Facts about Chinese Weddings talk about the traditional Chinese marriage conducted by the local people in China.  The families from the both sides usually establish prearrangement before the man and woman have the ceremonial ritual. Most citizens performed monogamy and the romantic love was not forbidden. Get other interesting facts about Chinese weddings below:

Facts about Chinese Weddings 1: the Chinese marriage based on Confucian thought

Marriage is considered as one of the important activities for the Chinese family and society based on the Confucian thought. In traditional point of view, the man and woman had incest if both of them were from the family with the similar surnames.

Facts about Chinese Weddings 2: the different surnames

The marriage in Confucian thought should be conducted with the man and woman from the family with different surnames. Therefore, the paternal clan of the family continued.

Chinese Wedding Facts

Chinese Wedding Facts

Facts about Chinese Weddings 3: a boy and a girl

Having a baby girl in Chinese culture was less preferred than having a baby boy.

Facts about Chinese Weddings 4: marriage and Chinese history

The history of China was affected by the marriage. It was considered as the basic unit of the society in the ancient China. The international relation and political stability in China was influenced by the marriage. The women from the Imperial family were very demanded by the rulers of Xiongnu tribe.

Chinese Weddings

Chinese Weddings

Facts about Chinese Weddings 5: the custom of Chinese marriage

The custom of Chinese marriage was established in 402 until 221 BC. Even though China was divided in various regions, most people conducted the three letters and six etiquettes in the Chinese marriage. Get facts about Chinese lanterns here.

Facts about Chinese Weddings 6: the rule of the wife’s mother

The mother of the wife was not allowed to visit the family of her son in law after the marriage was conducted. She had to wait for at least one year. However, her daughter could visit her family anytime she wanted. That’s the custom for the traditional families.

Chinese Weddings Pic

Chinese Weddings Pic

Facts about Chinese Weddings 7: the six wedding etiquette

In Chinese marriage, there are several processes to note. Those include the proposal, birthdates, bride price, wedding gift, arranging the wedding, wedding ceremony, wedding procession, welcoming the bride, and actual wedding ceremonies.

Facts about Chinese Weddings 8: Wedding banquets

The traditional wedding banquet in Chinese marriage is conducted by presenting tea or wine for the guests, spouse, and parents.

Chinese Wedding

Chinese Wedding

Facts about Chinese Weddings 9: the color

When the Chinese brides choose white color, it reflects the western style. The red tone is used to show the traditional Chinese wedding. Find facts about Chinese civilization here.

Facts about Chinese Weddings 10: an elaborate wedding album

The elaborate wedding album has been popular among the Chinese people in Beijing since the end of 1990s.

Facts about Chinese Weddings

Facts about Chinese Weddings

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