10 Facts about Chinese Writing

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The Characters used to represent the writing form of Chinese language is elaborated on Facts about Chinese Writing. It is estimated that the educated Chinese people recognize at least 4,000 characters of written Chinese. The literacy of the people is seen from the quality of character memorization of the people. Get other facts about Chinese writing below:

Facts about Chinese Writing 1: the writing system

The writing system of Chinese language is very unique. It is logosyllabic. It means that it does not have any compact syllable or alphabet.

Facts about Chinese Writing 2: the logosyllabic writing system

The logosyllabic writing system is characterized by the usage one syllable of spoken Chinese used to signify a character. Check Chinese Literature facts here.

Chinese Writing Facts

Chinese Writing Facts

Facts about Chinese Writing 3: the compositions of Chinese characters

Let’s find out the compositions of Chinese characters. They can be used to present the pronunciation, abstract notions and physical objects.

Facts about Chinese Writing 4: the history of Chinese characters

During the end of Shang Dynasty around 1200 until 1050, there were numerous Chinese characters established. Those characters are still used today. Get facts about Chinese language here.

Chinese Writings

Chinese Writings

Facts about Chinese Writing 5: the standard Chinese characters

During the Qin Dynasty, the Chinese characters were standardized due to the numerous variations.

Facts about Chinese Writing 6: Chinese calligraphy

Chinese calligraphy is considered as an art.  The calligraphers used the characters to present the well developed style.

Facts about Chinese Writings

Facts about Chinese Writings

Facts about Chinese Writing 7: the communication

The Chinese writing system enables the Chinese people who speak different dialects to communicate. The written Chinese is made based on Mandarin. It is the standard version of the spoken language.

Facts about Chinese Writing 8: the adoptions

The Chinese writing is very important not only in China, but also in other countries.  The writing system of the countries in East Asia such as Vietnam, Korea and Japan adopts some parts of Chinese characters.

Facts about Chinese Writing

Facts about Chinese Writing

Facts about Chinese Writing 9: the direction

Actually the Chinese writing can be executed in various directions. If you check the traditional style, the characters were written from the top to the bottom. It has the vertical columns. The last column was on the left, while the first column was on the right side.

Facts about Chinese Writing 10: punctuation

The people in Classical Chinese wrote the characters with no punctuation or it might have little punctuation. The rhythm and content were used to break the phrase and sentences.

Chinese Writing

Chinese Writing

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