10 Facts about Chingford

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The suburban located in east London district is explained on Facts about Chingford. In 1894, the Urban district status was granted for Chingford. The core of Municipal Borough of Chingford was established between 1938 and 1965. If you want to know more facts about Chingford, read the following post below:

Facts about Chingford 1: Queen Elizabeth’s Hunting Lodge

Queen Elizabeth’s Hunting Lodge is considered as the well known local landmark in Chingford. In 1543, King Henry VIII built this Lodge. In the past, it was called the Great Standing.

Facts about Chingford 2: the usage of Queen Elizabeth’s Hunting Lodge

The main function of Queen Elizabeth’s Hunting Lodge was for watching the deer hunting. But over the years, the lodge’s function was changed. Get facts about Cheshire here.

Chingford Facts

Chingford Facts

Facts about Chingford 3: the location of Hunting Lodge

Let’s find out the location of Hunting Lodge. Since this building is open to public. You can go to Chingford Plain. The location is within Epping Forest.

Facts about Chingford 4: All Saints’ Church

Another famous landmark is All Saints’ Church. It was built in 12th century. The local people call it Old Church. The location is in Chingford Mount.

Facts about Chingford

Facts about Chingford

Facts about Chingford 5: Chingford Mount Cemetery

The next landmark is Chingford Mount Cemetery. People recognize it as the burial place of Kray family. The location is at the opposite of the church. Check facts about Catalonia here.

Facts about Chingford 6: Egbertian FC

Egbertian FC is considered as the oldest football club in Chingford. The club was started by the former students of St Egbert’s College, Chingford in 1928. It was called Old Egbertian FC in the past.



Facts about Chingford 7: the local clubs

The other local clubs in Chingford include Chingford Athletic Football Club and Ridgeway Rovers Youth Football Club.

Facts about Chingford 8: the famous players in Ridgeway Rovers Youth Football Club

The famous and popular players like Harry Kane, Andros Townsend and David Beckham are the former players of Ridgeway Rovers Youth Football Club.

Chingford Station

Chingford Station

Facts about Chingford 9: Chingford secondary schools

There are several Chingford secondary schools that you can find in Chingford. Those include Rush Croft Foundation School, Normanhurst School, Heathcote School and Chingford Foundation School.

Facts about Chingford 10: the notable people

There are various notable people associated with Chingford. Those include the Kray twins, Dame Louisa Aldrich-Blake, David Beckham, Joe Dever, Edward Brett, Jonathan Ive and Harry Beckham. Jonathan Ive was raised in Chingford. He is a senior vice president of design in Apple.

Chingford Image

Chingford Image

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