10 Facts about Chinua Achebe

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Facts about Chinua Achebe present the information about the notable Nigerian novelist, critic, professor, and poet. He was born on November 16th, 1930 and died on March 21st, 2013. His magnum opus is Things Fall Apart. It was published in 1958. It is considered as one of the most popular books in Africa. Let’s find out other interesting facts about Achebe below:

Facts about Chinua Achebe 1: the brilliant student

Chinua Achebe was a brilliant and smart student when he was at school. In the undergraduate studies, he earned a scholarship. His parents raised Achebe in Igbo town of Ogidi in South-Eastern Nigeria.

Facts about Chinua Achebe 2: African culture

The African culture was one of the interests of Achebe. He wanted to know more about traditional African culture as well as the world religions. Get facts about Charlie Higson here.

Facts about Chinua Achebe

Facts about Chinua Achebe

Facts about Chinua Achebe 3: writing stories

When he became a university student, Achebe began writing stories.  He worked in NBS or Nigerian Broadcasting Service after graduating from the university.

Facts about Chinua Achebe 4: the international attention

Chinua Achebe got the international attention after he published Things Fall Apart in 1958. Get facts about Charles Perrault here.

Chinua Achebe

Chinua Achebe

Facts about Chinua Achebe 5: the other notable works

Besides Things Fall Apart, there are various books written by Achebe. Those include A Man of the People (1966), Arrow of God (1964), Anthills of the Savannah (1987) and No Longer at Ease (1960).

Facts about Chinua Achebe 6: the English language

The English language was used by Achebe to write his novel. He chose it to reflect the African literature for it is a language of a colonizer.

Chinua Achebe Pictures

Chinua Achebe Pictures

Facts about Chinua Achebe 7: living in United States

In 1970s, Achebe settled in United States for several years. In 1990, he decided to return to United States due to a car accident. It made him partially disabled.

Facts about Chinua Achebe 8: the focus of Achebe’s novels

The novels of Achebe mainly talked about the clash of traditional African values with western values during the colonial era. It also focused on the Christian influences and Igbo society tradition.

Chinua Achebe Image

Chinua Achebe Image

Facts about Chinua Achebe 9: a professor

Achebe was appointed as a Professor of Africana Studies at Brown University in U.S. and David and Marianna Fisher University since 2009 until his death in 2013.

Facts about Chinua Achebe 10: the parents of Achebe

The parents of Achebe were Janet Anaenechi Iloegbunam and Isaiah Okafo Achebe. The other kids in the family were Grace Nwanneka, Augustine Nduka, Zinobia Uzoma, John Chukwuemeka Ifeanyichukwu, and Frank Okwuofu.

Chinua Achebe Facts

Chinua Achebe Facts

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