10 Facts about Chipboard

Wednesday, December 16th 2015. | Buildings

Get the interesting information about the engineered wood product on Facts about Chipboard. People also call this chipboard as particleboard. To create the chipboard, the material will be extruded and pressed. The materials include sawmill shavings, binder, synthetic resin, wood chips and sawdust. Get other interesting facts about chipboard below:

Facts about Chipboard 1: the difference of chipboard

If you compare chipboard with the plywood or conventional wood, it is the best option for the people who want cheaper material. It is more uniform and denser.

Facts about Chipboard 2: the cost

The popularity of chipboard increases due to the cheaper cost. The people who do not stress the material on its strength and appearance choose chipboard.



Facts about Chipboard 3: how to make it more attractive

The chipboard that you have at home will be more attractive if you paint the surface with bright colors. Or you can infuse the surface with wood veneers.

Facts about Chipboard 4: the weakness of chipboard

Even though chipboard is cheaper than any other materials, it has light characteristics. Therefore, it is considered as the weakest one.

Chipboard Texture

Chipboard Texture

Facts about Chipboard 5: the density

When you are in the home furniture stores, you are offered with various chipboards based on their density. If you choose the chipboard with higher density, you will get more strength than that with less density.

Facts about Chipboard 6: the disadvantages of chipboard

Chipboard should be protected against moisture. It is very easy for the material to face discoloration and expansion. Therefore, you need to protect the surface with sealer or protective paint.

Chipboard Image

Chipboard Image

Facts about Chipboard 7: the usage

The usage of chipboard at home is for the rooms with less moisture. It is recommended for the people to avoid the usage of chipboard in the room with high level of moisture. It is not used in outdoor space. In some cases, chipboard is used underneath the sheet of vinyl flooring for moisture resistant variant. Find facts about builders here.

Facts about Chipboard 8: the advantages

You can get stable look if you install chipboard on the top of the veneer core plywood.

Chipboard Facts

Chipboard Facts

Facts about Chipboard 9: the production of chipboard

The manufacturers produce the chipboard by combining the flakes or wood particles along with the resin. This mixture will be made into a sheet. Get facts about carpentry here.

Facts about Chipboard 10: the types of resin

There are various types of resin to create the chipboard.  The best one is Amino-formaldehyde based resin. If you want to get the water resistant chipboard, you can pick the urea melamine resins.

Facts about Chipboard

Facts about Chipboard

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