10 Facts about Chipmunks

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Let’s find out the details about the striped small rodents on Facts about Chipmunks. This animal is included in the family Sciuridae. The North American regions have all kinds of chipmunk species. But the Siberian chipmunk can be found In Asian regions. Check other interesting facts about chipmunks below:

Facts about Chipmunks 1: the nicknames

Chipmunk is called in various names. People call it chippers, striped squirrels, timber tigers, munks, or even ground squirrels.

Facts about Chipmunks 2: an omnivorous animal

Chipmunk is included as an omnivorous animal. They eat various kinds of foods such as buds, small frogs, bird eggs, worms, arthropods, fungi, insect, shoots, grass, fruits, nuts, and seeds.



Facts about Chipmunks 3: other foods

If the chipmunks live around human settlement, they will eat the plants from the garden and farms. They will choose vegetables and grains. Therefore, the farmers consider chipmunks as pests.

Facts about Chipmunks 4: the winter season

Before the winter season comes, chipmunks will gather and store the nonperishable foods. They collect them at the beginning of autumn season.



Facts about Chipmunks 5: the storage space

The foods that they gather will be kept inside the burrows.  The chipmunk will stay here until the end of spring season. Since chipmunks have cheek pouches, they can carry a lot of foods. Find facts about cats here.

Facts about Chipmunks 6: the mating season

At the beginning of spring season, the eastern chipmunk will mate. Then they will mate again at the beginning of summer season.

Chipmunks Picture

Chipmunks Picture

Facts about Chipmunks 7: the litter

There are around 4 to 5 youngs produced by the eastern chipmunks. They breed twice per year.  On the other hand, the western chipmunks only mate once per year. The young can go out of the burrows after 6 weeks. It can live independently and search for food after the young is 8 weeks old.

Facts about Chipmunks 8: the burrows

The burrows that chipmunks built can be expansive. In general, the burrows have the length around 11 feet or 3.5 meters. The refuse tunnels are used to store the feces. The sleeping area for the chipmunks is very clean and tidy.

Chipmunks Pic

Chipmunks Pic

Facts about Chipmunks 9: the life span

On average, the chipmunks can live around 3 years. But there are several chipmunks which can live up to 9 years.

Facts about Chipmunks 10: the chipmunks in the captivity

When the chipmunks live in the captivity, most of them sleep for 15 hours per day. Get facts about Cheetah here.

Chipmunks Facts

Chipmunks Facts

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