10 Facts about Chipotle

Wednesday, December 16th 2015. | Culinary

If you want to know more about the famous smoked dried jalapeno, check Facts about Chipotle. The word chipotle was taken from Nahuatl language, chilpoctli. The meaning of chipotle is smoked chili. There are many Mexican cuisines created using chili. Those included the dishes from Southwestern, Mexican American and Tex-Mex areas. Get other interesting facts about chipotle below:

Facts about Chipotle 1: jalapeno

Jalapeno is the main ingredient to make chipotle. It is available in various heats and sizes.

Facts about Chipotle 2: jalapeno in Mexico

The Mexican people often call jalapeno as Gordo or cuaresmeno. If you want to get chipotle, you need to go to the markets located in southern and central Mexico.

Facts about Chipotle

Facts about Chipotle

Facts about Chipotle 3: the increased popularity

The popularity of Chipotle is increased from year to year. Therefore, the people who live in Canada and United States want to get chipotle. The production of Chipotle is expanded to northern Mexico. The main purpose is to serve the demand of the people who want chipotle in Canada and US. It is a proof that Mexican food is getting popular.

Facts about Chipotle 4: the heat

When you eat chipotle, you can compare its heat with other foods such as Tabasco sauce, Hungarian wax pepper, Anaheim pepper and Guajillo chili.

Chipotle Textures

Chipotle Textures

Facts about Chipotle 5: the deep red jalapenos

The deep red jalapenos are used to create chipotle. The deep red ones are selected because they have less moisture.

Facts about Chipotle 6: the process to create chipotle

It is not easy to create chipotle. You need to have a closed smoking chamber that you can use to place the red jalapenos. Spread them on the top of metal grills. Set a firebox and put the wood in it to produce the smokes which can spread on the closed chamber. Don’t forget to stir the jalapenos to make sure that each of them is smoked.

Chipotle Powder

Chipotle Powder

Facts about Chipotle 7: the smoking process

The smoking process is not conducted one day. The people have to make sure that the moisture is eliminated for the jalapenos. Therefore, they have to wait for several days for the smoking process. Get facts about Chipotle Mexico Grill here.

Facts about Chipotle 8: the taste

When you taste chipotle, it has the combination of smoked and heated jalapenos.

Chipotle Facts

Chipotle Facts

Facts about Chipotle 9: the amount of chipotle production

The people usually get a pound of chipotle from 10 pounds of japalapenos. Get facts about chillies here.

Facts about Chipotle 10: the various forms of chipotle

There are various forms of chipotle. You can get it in chipotle ponds, canned chipotle or even chipotle powder.

Chipotle Color

Chipotle Color

Are you impressed after reading facts about chipotle?

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