10 Facts about Chirk Castle

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The famous castle located at Chirk is explained on Facts about Chirk Castle. Roger Mortimer de Chirk established the castle in 1295. The Chirk Castle was one of the castles used as a fortress under the King Edward I. The location is north of Wales. The primary function of the castle was to defend the Ceiriog Valley’s entrance. Get other interesting facts about Chirk Castle:

Facts about Chirk Castle 1: Thomas Myddelton

In 1595, Thomas Myddelton purchased Chirk Castle with the price £5,000. As of 2008, the price was equal with £11 million.

Facts about Chirk Castle 2: an administrative center

The administrative center of Marcher Lordship of Chirkland once was located in Chirk Castle.

Chirk Castle Image

Chirk Castle Image

Facts about Chirk Castle 3: the English Civil War during the English Civil War

Thomas Myddelton’s son was a Parliamentarian. During Cheshire Rising in 1659, he took part as a Royalist.   Then he became the first Baronet of Chirk after the restoration.

Facts about Chirk Castle 4: Thomas Scott-Ellis

Thomas Scott-Ellis was the eighth Baron Howard de Walden who lived in the Chirk Castle in 1930s. This man was famous in the Welsh culture as the champion and patron of art.

Chirk Castle facts

Chirk Castle facts

Facts about Chirk Castle 5: the residence of Myddelton family

Until 2004, Chirk Castle was inhabited by Myddelton family. Now, National Trust owns the castle.

Facts about Chirk Castle 6: the tourism object

The people can visit Chirk Castle. It is opened for public in March until October. In November until December, the opening of Chirk Castle is very limited. Get facts about castles here.

Facts about Chirk Castle

Facts about Chirk Castle

Facts about Chirk Castle 7: how to reach Chirk Castle

If you are interested to visit Chirk Castle, you can come here by road. Or you can use the train and stop at Chirk railway station. The castle is located 2.4 kilometer or 1.5 miles from the station.

Facts about Chirk Castle 8: the parklands

The people who visit and enjoy the view of Chirk Castle will realize the beauty of the parkland. It was made based on 18th design.

Chirk Castle Garden

Chirk Castle Garden

Facts about Chirk Castle 9: the notable features

There are various notable features associated with the beauty of Chirk Castle. People can view the beautiful rock gardens, herbaceous borders, clipped yew hedges and fantastic terraces. Find facts about Chepstow Castle here.

Facts about Chirk Castle 10: a special state

Chirk Castle is not only opened for public due to the amazing features.  It is also used as a stage or venue. Do you know that Wales Rally GB was performed in Chirk Castle in 2013?

Chirk Castle Image

Chirk Castle Image

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