10 Facts about Chlamydia

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One of the common sexually transmitted disease is elaborated on facts about Chlamydia. Bacterium Chlamydia trachoma causes the Chlamydia infection in human beings. The report states that there are around 1 million people who have Chlamydia infection in United States. Chlamydia infection can occur due to the oral sex, anal sex or even vaginal sex. During the childbirth, the baby can have Chlamydia from the infected mother. Get other facts about Chlamydia below:

Facts about Chlamydia 1: Chlamydia infection on women

In many cases, the infected women do not realize that actually they are infected because this infection often comes without any symptoms.

Facts about Chlamydia 2: Chlamydia on men

The men with Chlamydia usually have penile urethra’s inflammation. When they urinate, they feel the burning sensation. Or the penis has white discharge.

Chlamydia Facts

Chlamydia Facts

Facts about Chlamydia 3: how to cure Chlamydia

Antibiotic is the primary medication for the people who Chlamydia infection. The people who do not concern with the infection can develop serious sexual health problem.

Facts about Chlamydia 4: blindness

Do you know that Chlamydia infection can cause blindness? This condition is caused by the infection of trachoma or Chlamydia conjunctivitis. In 1995, there were 15 percent cases of blindness caused by the infection. In 2002, the cases were reduced into 3.6 percent.

Facts about Chlamydia

Facts about Chlamydia

Facts about Chlamydia 5: the cervix inflammation

When the women have Chlamydia, the inflammation can be seen on the cervix.  You can spot redness, irritation, inflammation and cervical discharge.

Facts about Chlamydia 6: the serious complication

The women who do not seek help when they have Chlamydia can develop serious complication. This infection can lead into the complication during pregnancy, ectopic pregnancy, difficulty to pregnant and chronic pelvic pain. Check Botulism facts here.



Facts about Chlamydia 7: the common symptoms

The common symptoms of Chlamydia infections include abdominal pain, vaginal bleeding, painful urination, fever, painful sexual intercourse, and many more.

Facts about Chlamydia 8: prevention

If you want to prevent the further Chlamydia infection, you need to do the regular screening. It is recommended for the sexually active women.

Chlamydia Remedies

Chlamydia Remedies

Facts about Chlamydia 9: Chlamydia conjunctivitis

As I have stated before Chlamydia conjunctivitis can cause eyes disease and blindness. The spread on the infection is caused by eye seeking flies, sneezing, sharing clothes, sharing towels, coughing or even eye to eye by fingers.

Facts about Chlamydia 10: arthritis

Not many people realize that the Chlamydia infection can cause arthritis. This condition is experienced by around 15,000 men in United States per year. Get facts about Cardiovascular fitness here.

Chlamydia Pic

Chlamydia Pic

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