10 Facts about Chlorine

Thursday, December 17th 2015. | Chemistry

Facts about Chlorine tell you about the chemical element which has the atomic number 17 in the periodic table of element. The symbol of chlorine is Cl. The atomic mass of chlorine is 35.5.  If chlorine is kept under the standard condition, it is available in yellow-green gas.  If you check the periodic table, it is included in the halogen group.  Get other interesting facts about chlorine by reading the following post below:

Facts about Chlorine 1: the characteristics of chlorine

Let’s find out the characteristic of chlorine. If you compare it with other reactive elements, it has the third highest electronegativity. Moreover, the highest electron affinity is owned by chlorine.

Facts about Chlorine 2: the rare element

Chlorine is considered as a rare element for it is not easy for the people to get the free chlorine on earth.

Facts about Chlorine

Facts about Chlorine

Facts about Chlorine 3: salt

Salt or sodium chloride is considered as the most common compound of chlorine. People have realized the presence of salt dated back in the ancient time.

Facts about Chlorine 4: Carl Wilhelm Scheele

In 1774, Carl Wilhelm Scheele created the characterization of chlorine. There were several chemists who believed that the gas probably was a pure element in 1809. In 1810, the belief was confirmed by Sir Humphry Davy.

Chlorine Pic

Chlorine Pic

Facts about Chlorine 5: the name

Sir Humphry Davy named the gas. It was taken from the Greek word khloros. The meaning of the word is pale green.

Facts about Chlorine 6: the abundance

If we talk about the abundance of chlorine, it takes the second place as the most abundant halogen.  In the earth crust, it takes the 21st place as the most abundant chemical element.

Chlorine Image

Chlorine Image

Facts about Chlorine 7: the uses of chlorine

There are various consumer products created from chlorine. It can be used as a disinfectant to keep the sanitary and cleanness of the swimming pool. Find facts about chemical reactions here.

Facts about Chlorine 8: in the form of ion

Chlorine in the form of ion is very important for the life of the living organisms. But the chlorine is poisonous and dangerous for the life of the living organism if it comes in high concentration.

Chlorine Facts

Chlorine Facts

Facts about Chlorine 9: other usages of chlorine

Chlorine is often used to create insecticides, house cleaning products, dyestuffs, pharmaceuticals, solvents for dry cleaning, plastics, and many more. Get facts about chemistry here.

Facts about Chlorine 10: the inorganic compounds

There are various inorganic compounds of chlorine. The common ones include NaClO3, HOCl, Cl2O and HCl.



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