10 Facts about Chloroplast

Thursday, December 17th 2015. | Biology

Get the interesting Facts about Chloroplast by reading the following post below. The main function of Facts about Chloroplast is to convert the sunlight into energy during the process of photosynthesis. In the plant cells, chloroplasts are called as organelles. It is very important for the life of a plant. Without chloroplasts, the plants won’t be able to cook their own food. They cannot perform the photosynthesis process. Here are other interesting facts about chloroplasts to note:

Facts about Chloroplast 1: the oval shaped blobs

Let’s find out the shape of the chloroplasts. Most of them are in oval shaped blobs. But you can also spot them in the shape of ribbons, cups and stars.

Facts about Chloroplast 2: the size of chloroplasts

The cells are bigger than chloroplasts. The chloroplasts have various parts such as inner membrane, outer membrane, stroma, Thylakoids, pigments and many more.

Chloroplast Facts

Chloroplast Facts

Facts about Chloroplast 3: the outer membrane

The outer membrane of chloroplast is smooth. The main function is to protect the outside of the chloroplast.

Facts about Chloroplast 4: the inner membrane

After the outer membrane, you can spot the inner membrane.  The function of this membrane is to regulate the molecules which pass in and out of the chloroplast.

Chloroplast Image

Chloroplast Image

Facts about Chloroplast 5: the liquid

Inside the chloroplast, you can spot the liquid. It is located in the stroma.  This liquid features the floating thylakoids. The chlorophyll is located in the sacks of Thylakoids.

Facts about Chloroplast 6: the pigment

Chloroplasts have pigment which give the plants the green colors. The sunlight can be absorbed by the plants due to the presence of Chlorophyll. If you have the plants located inside a very dark room, it will turn waxy and white. Check cell wall facts here.

Facts about Chloroplast 7: photosynthesis

The function of chloroplasts is always associated with photosynthesis. The food can be made by the plants by transforming the sunlight. The sunlight is captured by chloroplasts then it will be stored into ATP. The sugar or glucose can be formed after ATP is combined with water and carbon dioxide.

Chlorophyll facts

Chlorophyll facts

Facts about Chloroplast 8: the other functions of chloroplasts

Let’s find out the other functions of chloroplasts. The plants can use it to create amino acids, immune system, and energy storage.

Facts about Chloroplast

Facts about Chloroplast

Facts about Chloroplast 9: algae

Algae contain simple cells. Therefore, this organism only has 1-2 chloroplasts. Get facts about cells here.

Facts about Chloroplast 10: the word chloroplast

The word chloroplast is derived from the Greek word chloros. The meaning of the word is green.



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