10 Facts about Chocolate

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Find out the interesting information about the famous food in the world on Facts about Chocolate. Chocolate usually is made in brown color, but you can also find it in white color. It has sweet taste.  The chocolate can be mixed with vanilla. It is available in block, paste or liquid. The production of chocolate can be traced back 3,000 years ago in Mesoamerica. Here are other interesting facts about chocolate below:

Facts about Chocolate 1: the chocolate beverages

Chocolate has been used as the beverages in Guatemala and Mexico since 1900 BC. The Mayan and Aztecs people like to drink the chocolate beverages.

Facts about Chocolate 2: cacao tree

The cacao trees produce the cacao seeds that people use to create the chocolate.  The flavor can be developed by using the fermentation process. The people will dry, clean and roast the cacao seeds.

Chocolate Facts

Chocolate Facts

Facts about Chocolate 3: the pure form

The pure form of chocolate is made in bitter chocolate. It is the unsweetened version of baking chocolate. It usually is made in cocoa butter or cocoa solids.

Facts about Chocolate 4: the today’s consumption of chocolate

The sweet chocolate is mainly consumed by the people today. The people create it by mixing the cocoa butter, cocoa solids, sugar and fat.



Facts about Chocolate 5: the milk chocolate

The sweet chocolate can be made into milk chocolate.  The condensed milk or milk powder will be mixed with the cocoa powder.

Facts about Chocolate 6: the white chocolate

Many people think that chocolate is made in brown color. But you can also get the white chocolate. It is made of cocoa butter, milk and sugar. This white chocolate is different from the brown chocolate for it does not contain the cocoa solids.



Facts about Chocolate 7: the cocoa solid

By consuming the chocolate solids, you can get alkaloids and flavonoids. The types of alkaloids that you will get include caffeine, phenethylamine and theobromine. Get facts about Chipotle Mexican Grill here.

Facts about Chocolate 8: the popularity

Chocolate is one of the most popular foods in the world.  The molded chocolate can be made in various forms, colors and shapes. During the valentine Days, Christmas or other traditional holidays, chocolate is used as one of the best gifts.

Chocolate Image

Chocolate Image

Facts about Chocolate 9: the beverages

There are various beverages made of chocolate. You can pick hot chocolate or chocolate milk. Read facts about Chocolate Milk here.

Facts about Chocolate 10: the production of chocolate

Around two-third of the cocoa is produced by Western Africa. Almost 50 percent of them are produced in Ivory Coast.

Facts about Chocolate

Facts about Chocolate

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