10 Facts about Chocolate History

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Let’s find out Facts about Chocolate History in the following post below. If we talk about the chocolate history, we have to check the life of the people in Mesoamerica.  The Mokaya and pre-Olmec people considered chocolate as one of their favorite foods. The chocolate beverages were created in 1900 BC. At that time, the chocolate could be the ground beans, roasted or even the fermented of Theobroma cacao. Get other facts about chocolate history below:

Facts about Chocolate History 1: the cacao seeds

There was a belief about cacao seeds based on the view of the Aztecs.  They believed that the god of wisdom or Quetzalcoatl gifted cacao seeds for them.

Facts about Chocolate History 2: the valuable cacao seeds

At that time, cacao seeds were considered as the precious seeds. There is no need to wonder that the Aztecs used them as a currency. Get facts about Chocolate Milk here.

Chocolate History Facts

Chocolate History Facts

Facts about Chocolate History 3: the serving of chocolate

Chocolate was served in bitter taste. The people prepared it as a drink, not as a food.  The drink was often mixed with corn puree, wine or spices.

Facts about Chocolate History 4: strength

The people believed that by drinking chocolate, they would get power and strength. They thought that chocolate contained the aphrodisiac substance. Find facts about chocolate here.

Chocolate History

Chocolate History

Facts about Chocolate History 5: sugar

Then sugar was added inside the chocolate drink in 16th century after the arrival of the European people.  This drink became popular all over Europe. At first, the high class people loved it. Then the common people began to love this drink.

Facts about Chocolate History 6: a staple drink

It was very surprising to know that chocolate was considered as a staple drink for the U.S. soldiers who went to war in twentieth century.

Chocolate History Pictures

Chocolate History Pictures

Facts about Chocolate History 7: the word chocolate

The word was originally taken from chocolate. It was a classical Nahuatl word. Cacao tree is originated from Mesoamerica. Therefore, usage and cultivation of the trees were very widespread.

Facts about Chocolate History 8: the fermentation

In 1400 BC, chocolate was fermented by the people. They would serve it as an alcoholic drink.

Chocolate History Pic

Chocolate History Pic

Facts about Chocolate History 9: the first element consumed by people

The people believed that the first element eaten by human being when they found cacao seeds were the sweet pulp.  Due to the presence of alkaloids, the beans were bitter.

Facts about Chocolate History 10: the fermented bean in Mexico

The people believe that the cacao tree was first domesticated by Mesoamerican culture. The researchers believe that the North American people did it due to the presence of fermented bean.

Facts about Chocolate History

Facts about Chocolate History

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