10 Facts about Chocolate Milk

Friday, December 18th 2015. | Culinary

Find out the interesting information about the sweetened cocoa flavored milk on Facts about Chocolate Milk. You can create it at home easily. You just have to prepare chocolate powder or chocolate syrup. Then mix it with milk. It can be made of rice milk, goat milk, cow milk or soy milk. Get other facts about chocolate milk below:

Facts about Chocolate Milk 1: the product

If you do not have much time to prepare for the mixture of chocolate and milk, you can go to the supermarket and get it pre-mixed with milk.

Facts about Chocolate Milk 2: the homemade chocolate milk

If you want to create special chocolate milk, you can create it at home. You just have to mix the sweetener, powdered chocolate milk, chocolate syrup, melted chocolate and cocoa powder.

Chocolate Milk Pictures

Chocolate Milk Pictures

Facts about Chocolate Milk 3: other ingredients

There are several other ingredients that you can add in the chocolate milk such as vanilla, salt, starch, and carrageenan.

Facts about Chocolate Milk 4: storage

When you want to store the chocolate milk, you have to keep it inside the refrigerator. It is very different with the unflavored milk.  But it is okay for you store the UHT drink at the room temperature.

Chocolate Milk Image

Chocolate Milk Image

Facts about Chocolate Milk 5: Hans Sloane

Hans Sloane was the first person who created the chocolate milk. He did in the end of 1680s in Jamaica. Most people serve it in cold drink.

Facts about Chocolate Milk 6: the nutritional qualities

The people are still in debate to decide the nutritional qualities of chocolate milk. It is due to the high amount of sugar in the drink. There are several studies which state that the chocolate milk has higher nutritional values than the white milk.

Facts about Chocolate Milk

Facts about Chocolate Milk

Facts about Chocolate Milk 7: the childhood obesity

The chocolate milk is often associated with childhood obesity. The nutritionists believe that it has something to do with the high amount of sugar. Some areas in Washington DC and California stop serving the school districts with chocolate milk because of the high amount of sugar.

Facts about Chocolate Milk 8: the caffeine

If you drink a mini carton of chocolate milk, you will get five milligrams of caffeine. Check facts about cakes here.

Chocolate Milk

Chocolate Milk

Facts about Chocolate Milk 9: the benefits of chocolate

The people who consume chocolate with high amount magnesium content can decrease the stone formation in the urinary.

Facts about Chocolate Milk 10: chocolate or white milk

The popular belief states that white milk is better than the chocolate milk. Actually it is not true. The nutrients are higher on the chocolate milk. Get facts about Chipotle here.

Chocolate Milk Pic

Chocolate Milk Pic

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