10 Facts about Choctaw

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Facts about Choctaw inform you with the Native American people who were from Southeastern United States. They are from present day Louisiana, Florida, Mississippi and Alabama. The people who practiced Hopewell and Mississippian cultures were the successors of the Choctaw. Once, the east of the Mississippi River valley was occupied by these people. Here are other interesting facts about Choctaw:

Facts about Choctaw 1: Head flattening

The famous ritual adornment for the Choctaw people is Head flattening. In the later years, the people were not interested to perform this practice.

Facts about Choctaw 2: the European interaction

Choctaw had contact with various people who came from Europe. They interacted with England, France and Spain.

Choctaw Facts

Choctaw Facts

Facts about Choctaw 3: Choctaw Indian Fair

Choctaw Indian Fair is an important celebration for the Choctaw people. They will celebrate the traditional culture.  This event is conducted by the Mississippi Band of Choctaw Indian in the mid-summer season.

Facts about Choctaw 4: the activities during Choctaw Indian fair

There are various activities that people conduct during Choctaw Indian Fair. Those include having entertainment, cooking, dancing, and ball games.

Facts about Choctaw

Facts about Choctaw

Facts about Choctaw 5: Five Civilized Tribes

Do you know that Choctaw is included as one of Five Civilized Tribes when United States was established in the country?

Facts about Choctaw 6: moieties

The Imoklashas and Inhulalatas are the two different moieties in Choctaws. The former one is used to call the elders, while the latter one was used to call the youth.



Facts about Choctaw 7:the iskas

The iskas are the clans that each moiety has in Choctaw. There were 12 clans or iskas that Choctaw people had. The social status of the people in Choctaw was seen from the iska of their mother. Therefore, the people employed the matrilineal kinship system. Get facts about Chief Powhatan here.

Facts about Choctaw 8: the major districts of Choctaw

There were three major districts of Choctaw. Those are Okla Fayala, Okla Tannap and Okla Hannalli.

Choctaw Pic

Choctaw Pic

Facts about Choctaw 9: the designations of the totemic clan

There are various designations which represent the totemic clan. Those include crawfish, raccoon, holly leaf, window, wolf, deer, bear, bird, and wind. Check facts about Chief Tecumseh here.

Facts about Choctaw 10: Choctaw stickball

One of the famous Choctaw games is Choctaw stickball. People recognize it as little brother of war. In North America, it is considered as the oldest field sport. Based on the history, this game was able to unite the people in dispute within the Choctaw communities.

Choctaw Images

Choctaw Images

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