10 Facts about Cholera

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The infection located at the small intestine is explained on facts about cholera. The cause of this disease is Vibrio cholera. It is a bacterium. The main symptom faced by the people with cholera is high concentration of water diarrhea. The people with cholera usually have this symptom for several days. In some cases, the symptoms can be severe, mild or none. Here are other interesting facts about cholera:

Facts about Cholera 1: the other symptoms

Let’s find out the other symptoms of cholera. Besides having the watery diarrhea, the patients also experience the muscle cramps and vomiting.

Facts about Cholera 2: the severe diarrhea

The people should be concerned if they have severe diarrhea. If you do not get any help soon, it may lead you to experience electrolyte imbalance and severe dehydration.

Cholera Facts

Cholera Facts

Facts about Cholera 3: the negative impact

When the people experience dehydration, it makes them experience wrinkling on the hands, decreased skin elasticity, cold skin and sunken eyes.

Facts about Cholera 4: the exposure

When the people are exposed to Vibrio cholera, the symptoms will appear around 2 hours or five days later.

Cholera Pic

Cholera Pic

Facts about Cholera 5: the spread of the bacteria

There are several types of Vibrio cholera.   They have different degrees of severity. The spread of the disease is mostly because of the food and water. Probably they have been contaminated by bacteria of the human feces.

Facts about Cholera 6: the common source

Do you know the common source of cholera disease?  The poor cooked seafood can be the main cause.



Facts about Cholera 7: the risk factors

There are several risk factors of cholera. They include poverty, poor drinking water, bad sanitation and many more. The diagnosis of cholera can be conducted by using the fast dipstick test. However, the result is not accurate.  The stool test is more common for the diagnoses. Find facts about chickenpox here.

Facts about Cholera 8: how to prevent cholera

The easiest way for the people to prevent cholera is by having the access to the clean water. Don’t forget to improve the quality of the sanitation in the environment.

Cholera and Water

Cholera and Water

Facts about Cholera 9: Cholera vaccines

You can prevent cholera by having cholera vaccines. It can banish the bacterial infection of cholera. The oral rehydration therapy is considered as the main treatment for the people who have cholera. Get facts about celiac disease here.

Facts about Cholera 10: the solutions

The salty and sweet solutions are needed for the patients with cholera due to the severe dehydration.  You can give the children zinc supplementation or rice based solutions.

Cholera Bacteria

Cholera Bacteria

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