10 Facts about Cholesterol

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Facts about Cholesterol tell you about the type of fat or lipid.   Human being and animals need lipid in the appropriate amount. Do you know the primary functions of cholesterol? With the presence of cholesterol, it allows the body to create hormones and vitamin D, form the bile acids and make the cell outer coating. Get other interesting facts about cholesterol below:

Facts about Cholesterol 1: the differences of blood and cholesterol

Can you tell me the differences between cholesterol and blood? The blood is water based, while the cholesterol is oil based.

Facts about Cholesterol 2: the brain

You have to be careful with the level of cholesterol and fat in the body if you eat a lot of brain. You will get 3,500 mg of cholesterol from a 140 gram can of pork brains in milk gravy.

Cholesterol and Foods

Cholesterol and Foods

Facts about Cholesterol 3: the sexual disorder

The sexual disorder can be caused due to the high cholesterol in the body. When you have high cholesterol, the blood flow is reduced.

Facts about Cholesterol 4: sexual disorder on men and women

The sexual disorder can occur on men and women. The high cholesterol can give bad impact on the women’s lubrication.  It can cause erectile dysfunction on men when they have high cholesterol. It is due to the fact that the great amount of cholesterol in the body can obstruct the blood vessels along the pelvic.

Cholesterol Pictures

Cholesterol Pictures

Facts about Cholesterol 5: the development of embryo

The development of embryo in healthy condition is also affected by the presence of cholesterol. The failure of fetus to create cholesterol is always linked with birth defect which occurs on 1 of 9,000 babies.

Facts about Cholesterol 6: the health of cells

The health of cells is also linked with cholesterol because this substance will keep the cells and cell membranes healthy. Get facts about cardiovascular disease here.

Cholesterol Pic

Cholesterol Pic

Facts about Cholesterol 7: the cholesterol level

The cell membranes will be cracked and dry if a person has the zero cholesterol level. But this condition is very impossible.

Facts about Cholesterol 8: the normal level of cholesterol

If you have to have a normal cholesterol level, you have to take the maximum consumption of cholesterol at 300 mg of cholesterol every single day.

Bad Cholesterol

Bad Cholesterol

Facts about Cholesterol 9: the high cholesterol level

If you have high cholesterol level, you should never consume the food which has 200 mg of cholesterol per day.

Facts about Cholesterol 10: the number of cholesterol

If you eat a Wendy’s Classic Double with Everything, you consume 175 mg. of cholesterol. The 85 mg of cholesterol is presented on a McDonald’s Big Mac. Get facts about brain injury here.

facts about Cholesterol

facts about Cholesterol

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