10 Facts about Chopsticks

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Facts about Chopsticks present the information about the traditional eating utensils. The sticks are in pair. Both are made in similar length. For more than 6 thousands of years, the chopsticks have been used by the people who live in East Asia. The Chinese people use the chopstick for the first time because it is adopted by other countries. Get other interesting facts about chopsticks:

Facts about Chopsticks 1: the influence

There are many people living in other countries who also use chopsticks due to the cultural influences such as Taiwan, Korea, Japan, Vietnam, Singapore, Laos, Myanmar and Malaysia,. The countries with the high concentration of Chinese communities like Australia, Canada and United States also use chopstick in certain cases.

Facts about Chopsticks 2: the materials

There are various materials to create chopsticks. They can be made of stainless steel, wood, plastic or even bamboo. It is very rare for the people to spot the chopsticks made of ivory, jade, porcelain, silver and gold. Get facts about Chinese Cuisines here.

Chopsticks Image

Chopsticks Image

Facts about Chopsticks 3: how to use chopsticks

Do you know how to use chopsticks?  You have to put the chopsticks between the fingers and thumb.

Facts about Chopsticks 4: the invention of chopsticks

During the Shang Dynasty, the Chinese people created chopsticks in ancient China. The people believe that they probably were made during Xia dynasty. Find facts about Chinese History here.

Chopsticks Facts

Chopsticks Facts

Facts about Chopsticks 5: the evidence

There was archeological evidence which showed the usage of chopsticks in 1200 BCE. In the Ruins of Yin near Anyang, the six bronze chopsticks were discovered. They had the width at 0.43 to 0.51 inches and the length at 10 inches.

Facts about Chopsticks 6: the usages of chopsticks

Today, most chopsticks are used as a part of eating utensils. Actually they were used for stirring the fire, cooking or seizing the food in the past.



Facts about Chopsticks 7: Chopsticks in Han Dynasty

During Han Dynasty people began to use Chopsticks as an eating utensil. Compare to any other sharp eating utensils, chopsticks were more lacquerware friendly. Therefore, people loved them.

Facts about Chopsticks 8: Chopsticks in Ming Dynasty

During the Ming Dynasty, it was very common for the people to use the chopsticks for eating and serving.

Facts about Chopsticks

Facts about Chopsticks

Facts about Chopsticks 9: Saibashi

The Japanese kitchen chopsticks are called Saibashi. They are not made for eating utensils. The Japanese people use them for preparing the food.

Facts about Chopsticks 10: the shape

In most cases, chopsticks are made in tapered style. In Japan, it is usually pointy and sharp. In China, it can be made in sharp or blunt design.

Facts about Chopstick

Facts about Chopstick

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