10 Facts about Chris Barnard

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Find facts about Chris Barnard by reading the following post below. The article will tell you the life of a South African cardiac surgeon. He was born on 8 November 1922 and died on 2 September 2001. He impressed the public after Barnard did the human-to-human heart transplant for the first time in the world. Get other facts about Barnard below:

Facts about Chris Barnard 1: the early life

Let’s find out the early life of Barnard. He was raised by his family in Beaufort West, Cape Province, and Union of South Africa. His father was a minister in the Dutch Reformed Church. His name was Adam Barnard.

Facts about Chris Barnard 2: education

For his higher education, Barnard was enrolled to University of Cape Town Medical School. In 1945, he earned MB ChB.

Chris Barnard Young

Chris Barnard Young

Facts about Chris Barnard 3: the internship

Barnard had his internship in Cape Town at Groote Schuur Hospital. He also worked in a rural town located in Cape Province, Ceres as a general practitioner.

Facts about Chris Barnard 4: the return to Cape Town

He became a Senior Resident Medical Officer at City Hospital after he decided to return to Cape Town in 1951. He also became a registrar in Department of Medicine at Groote Schuur.



Facts about Chris Barnard 5: a master degree

In 1953, Barnard earned his master degree from University of Cape Town. He got Master of Medicine.

Facts about Chris Barnard 6: a doctorate

Due to his dissertation with the title “the treatment of tuberculosis meningitis”, Barnard earned MD or a doctorate in Medicine from University of Cape Town.

Chris Barnard Facts

Chris Barnard Facts

Facts about Chris Barnard 7: the scholarship

Barnard was able to study in University of Minnesota, Minneapolis after he obtained a scholarship for two years in 1956. He was able to study under Walt Lillehei. He was a pioneer in open heart surgery. In this university, Barnard learned about the cardiothoracic surgery. Get facts about Benjamin Carson here.

Facts about Chris Barnard 8: Master of Science in Surgery

Barnard wrote a thesis with a title “The aortic valve – problems in the fabrication and testing of a prosthetic valve”. It made him earn a Master of Science in Surgery in 1958. He also created titled “The aetiology of congenital intestinal atresia” for his dissertation which earned him a Doctor of Philosophy.

Facts about Chris Barnard

Facts about Chris Barnard

Facts about Chris Barnard 9: the return to South Africa

Barnard took the position as the cardiothoracic surgeon at the Groote Schuur Hospital when he returned to South Africa in 1958. The hospital created the first heart unit. Get facts about cardiovascular disease here.

Facts about Chris Barnard 10: working at University of Cape Town

Barnard also worked at University of Cape Town as Director of Surgical Research and full-time lecturer.

Chris Barnard

Chris Barnard

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