10 Facts about Chris Bosh

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If you want to know more about the American professional basketball player, check Facts about Chris Bosh. Christopher Wesson Bosh plays in NBA or National Basketball Association for Miami Heat. He was born on 24 March 1984. When he was in high school, Bosh was nicknamed Mr. Basketball. Then he was enrolled at Georgia Tech. Bosh joined the male basketball team, Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets for only one season for he was included in NBA draft in 2003. Get other facts about Bosh below:

Facts about Chris Bosh 1: Toronto Raptors

Toronto Raptors chose Bosh in the fourth overall pick in 2003 NBA draft. The draft was competitive since there were many future superstars in the draft such as Carmelo Anthony, Dwyane Wade, and LeBron James.

Facts about Chris Bosh 2: a young star

Bosh became a young star when he was in Toronto. He was called all-NBA second team once. He was an NBA-All Star for five times. Get facts about Chicago Blackhawks here.

Chris Bosh facts

Chris Bosh facts

Facts about Chris Bosh 3: a national basketball team of United States

Bosh was included in a national basketball team of United States. In 2008 Olympics, the team won a gold medal.  He was appointed as the leader and face of Raptors replacing the former Vince Carter.

Facts about Chris Bosh 4: the first NBA playoffs

The Toronto Raptors was great in the 2006-07 seasons. It was the first NBA playoffs for team in 5 years. Find facts about Chicago Bulls here.

Facts about Chris Bosh

Facts about Chris Bosh

Facts about Chris Bosh 5: Miami Heat

In 2010, Bosh moved to Miami Heat and left Toronto Raptors. Bosh is considered as wonderful player for he always creates attempts to do the right rebounds, double doubles, points, and free throws.

Facts about Chris Bosh 6: the first NBA Title

The first NBA Title earned by Bosh was when the Oklahoma City Thunder was defeated by Miami Heat at the NBA Finals in 2012. The score was 4-1 for Miami Heat.

Chris Bosh

Chris Bosh

Facts about Chris Bosh 7: the second title

At the NBA Final in 2013, San Antonio Spurs was defeated by Miami Heat. It made Bosh earn his second NBA Title.

Facts about Chris Bosh 8: the nickname

Chuck Swirsky was a play-by-play commentator of Toronto Raptors. He called Bosh CB4. The nickname was taken from the combination of his jersey number and his initials.

Chris Bosh Image

Chris Bosh Image

Facts about Chris Bosh 9: a foundation

Bosh establishes his own foundation called Chris Bosh Foundation in Dallas and Toronto. It will increase the awareness of the youths about the advantages of reading.

Facts about Chris Bosh 10: the childhood life

When he was a kid, Bosh liked to play basketball along with Joel, his brother.

Chris Bosh NBA

Chris Bosh NBA

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