10 Facts about Chris Christie

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Facts about Chris Christie inform you with the notable American politician. He was born on 6 September 1962. Now he serves as the 55th Governor in New Jersey. Since January 2010, he had been the governor of New Jersey. In 2013, he took the position again after a landslide. Get other interesting facts about Chris Christie below:

Facts about Chris Christie 1: when Christie was 15 years old

When Christie was 15 years old, do you know that he was the volunteer in the campaign of Thomas Kean from Republican Party?

Facts about Chris Christie 2: the education

Let’s find out the education of Christie. He went to University of Delaware and graduated in 1984. He also went to Seton Hall University School of Law and got a J.D.

Chris Christie New Jersey

Chris Christie New Jersey

Facts about Chris Christie 3: working time

In 1987, Christie worked in a law firm in Cranford, New Jersey.  In 1993, he was selected as a partner. Until 2002, he still practiced law.

Facts about Chris Christie 4: a county legislator

In 1995 until 1998, Christie worked in Morris County as a county legislator.

Chris Christie facts

Chris Christie facts

Facts about Chris Christie 5: the campaign

There were various campaigns that Christie had.  He had campaigns not only for George H. W. Bush but also for George W. Bush. Under the president of George W. Bush, Christie was selected as the U.S. attorney for New Jersey. He took the position from 2002 until 2008.

Facts about Chris Christie 6: the candidacy

Christie announced his candidacy as the governor for New Jersey in January 2009. Get facts about Chester A Arthur here.

 Facts about Chris Christie

Facts about Chris Christie

Facts about Chris Christie 7: the elected governor

In November that year, he became the governor of New Jersey after Christie defeated Jon Corzine. He became the governor of New Jersey for the second term in 2013 after Christie won over Barbara Buono from Democrat Party.

Facts about Chris Christie 8: the Chairman

Christie became the Chairman of Republican Governors Associations on 21 November 2013. On 21 January 2014, he was sworn for the second term as a New Jersey Governor.

Chris Christie Pic

Chris Christie Pic

Facts about Chris Christie 9: presidential election

In 2012, people saw him as a potential candidate for the presidential election. However, he did not run himself that year. He was interested in the presidential election in 2016 after he announced his candidacy on 30 June 2015. Find out another politician on facts about Boris Johnson here.

Facts about Chris Christie 10: parents

His father is a certified public accountant. His name is Wilbur James Bill Christie. His mother is Sondra A.

Chris Christie

Chris Christie

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