10 Facts about Chris Crutcher

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Let’s find out the interesting information about the American author and a family therapist on Facts about Chris Crutcher. He was born on 17 July 1946. In 2000, American Library Association gave Margaret Edwards Award to Crutcher.   He got it due to the lifetime contribution for writing books for the teens. Get other facts about Crutcher by reading the following post:

Facts about Chris Crutcher 1: the date and place of birth

Crutcher was born in 17 July 1946 in Dayton, Ohio. His father was a B17 bomber pilot in World War II. His mother is a homemaker.  His father retired from flying, several weeks after Colfer was born. The family decided to move to the Cascade, Ohio. It was the hometown of his mother. Then his father decided to involve in a wholesale business of oil and gas.

Facts about Chris Crutcher 2: the college time

Crutcher was enrolled to Eastern Washington State College after he graduated from high school. He left the college by earning a BA in psychology and sociology.

Chris Crutcher Author

Chris Crutcher Author

Facts about Chris Crutcher 3: a teaching certificate

He got a teaching certificate after he decided to go back to Eastern Washington State College.

Facts about Chris Crutcher 4: the teaching activity

Crutcher began his teaching career after he got the teaching certificate. He was a teacher in some primary and secondary schools in Washington and California.

Chris Crutcher Book

Chris Crutcher Book

Facts about Chris Crutcher 5: the writing career

In 1983, Running Loose was the debut novel of Crutcher. The novel talks about a senior in high school who had to experience several loops.

Facts about Chris Crutcher 6: a child and family therapist

Crutcher also worked as a child and family therapist. He began this job after he completed the first book.

Chris Crutcher

Chris Crutcher

Facts about Chris Crutcher 7: the themes of his novels

If you check most novels of Crutcher, they present the personal problems experienced by the teenaged athletes. Find facts about Charlie Higson here.

Facts about Chris Crutcher 8: the protagonist

Most protagonists depicted in the novels of Crutcher include the swimmers and teenage athletes. Most of them are male.  The caring journalism teacher or even wise Asian-American coach is occurred as the supporting characters in the novels.

Chris Crutcher Facts

Chris Crutcher Facts

Facts about Chris Crutcher 9: the controversial writing

His books are often banned, challenged and eliminated from classrooms and libraries because he had controversial writing. Get facts about Charles Perrault here.

Facts about Chris Crutcher 10: books

There are various books that Crutcher has written such as Period 8 (2013), Angry Management (2009), Deadline (2007), Whale Talk (2001) and The Crazy Horse Electric Game (1987).

Facts about Chris Crutcher

Facts about Chris Crutcher

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