10 Facts about Chris d’Lacey

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The prominent English writer of children’s fiction is explained on Facts about Chris d’Lacey. This man was born on December 15th, 1954 in Valletta, Malta, Europe. His famous book which hypnotizes the children is ‘The Last Dragon Chronicles’. Another popular book is A Dark Inheritance. Get other interesting facts about Chris d’Lacey below:

Facts about Chris d’Lacey 1: moving

Even though d’Lacey was born in Malta, Europe, he had to move to Leicester. He was still a child at that time. He also moved to Bolton.

Facts about Chris d’Lacey 2: the education

For his higher education, d’Lacey went to University of York where he obtained a degree in biology. He began his career by working in Pre-Clinical Sciences department at University of Leicester.

Chris d'Lacey Author

Chris d’Lacey Author

Facts about Chris d’Lacey 3: the original forms of writing

At first, d’Lacey focused his writing in the form of songs. He decided to transform the songs into fictional books when he was 32 years old. Get facts about Chinua Achebe here.

Facts about Chris d’Lacey 4: the first work

The first work of d’Lacey was a story about polar bears for Jay, his wife. The story contains 250,000 words. When he heard that there was a story competition for young children, he created A Hole at the Pole. The prize of the competition was £2,000. Unfortunately, he did not win the competition. A Hole at the Pole was sent to a published and it was accepted.

Chris d'Lacey Book

Chris d’Lacey Book

Facts about Chris d’Lacey 5: the first children novel

Fly, Cherokee, Fly was the first novel for children that d’Lacey wrote. In 1998, the novel was published. The inspiration of the novel was from an injured pigeon that he found in Victorian Park. d’Lacey took care the pigeon by taking it home. Get facts about Chris Crutcher here.

Facts about Chris d’Lacey 6: the primary themes of d’Lacey’s books

The books of d’Lacey are mainly talk about the events experienced by him. He also used environmental themes.

Chris d'Lacey

Chris d’Lacey

Facts about Chris d’Lacey 7: The Last Dragon Chronicles

The Last Dragon Chronicles is considered as the most famous and popular book of d’Lacey.  It is an award winning and bestselling book of the author.

Facts about Chris d’Lacey 8: the contribution

Due to his big contribution to the literature for children, University of Leicester awarded d’Lacey with an honorary doctorate in July 2002.

Chris d'Lacey Facts

Chris d’Lacey Facts

Facts about Chris d’Lacey 9: the primary job

Writing is the primary job of d’Lacey. However, he still works as operator for confocal microscope at University of Leicester.

Facts about Chris d’Lacey 10: the favorite authors

The favorite authors of d’Lacey include Roald Dahl and Allan Ahlberg.

Facts about Chris d'Lacey

Facts about Chris d’Lacey

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