10 Facts about Chris Gilmour

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Get the interesting Facts about Chris Gilmour by reading the following post below. Gilmour is the famous British sculptor. People are very impressed with his works. Now he is based in Italy. In 1973, Gilmour was born in Stockport, Great Britain. Due to his wonderful artistic development, people always remember his works. Check other interesting facts about Gilmour below:

Facts about Chris Gilmour 1: the education

Let’s find out the education of Gilmour. He went to University of the West of England in Bristol. He received a BA from the university. Then he was enrolled to South Trafford College in Manchester.

Facts about Chris Gilmour 2: living in Italy

As I have stated before, Gilmour now lives in Italy.  He relocated to Udine, Italy in 1997.

Facts about Chris Gilmour

Facts about Chris Gilmour

Facts about Chris Gilmour 3: a prize for young artist

It must be a wonderful moment when Gilmour received the seventh edition of Premio Cairo in Milan in 2006. He received the award due to the decision of the panel of juries.

Facts about Chris Gilmour 4: the juries

The juries who made him win Premio Cairo were Patrizia Sandretto Re Rebaudengo, Daniela Clerici, Marco Pierini, Gianfranco Maraniello, Fabio Cavallucci and Massimiliano Gioni.

Chris Gilmour Art

Chris Gilmour Art

Facts about Chris Gilmour 5: the first artwork created by Gilmour

Gilmour focused on the usage of cardboard to create his first artworks.

Facts about Chris Gilmour 6: the art development

Gilmour develops his artistic style by using various objects to portray his works.

Chris Gilmour Artwork

Chris Gilmour Artwork

Facts about Chris Gilmour 7: the interaction

Gilmour focused his powerful element by creating an interaction between the object and the viewer. Therefore, the viewer can tell their own story when seeing the object. There is no need to employ any theatrical set to enlighten the viewers with the whole story. Find facts about Charles Schulz here.

Facts about Chris Gilmour 8: the influences

There are various sculptors who influence the way Gilmour shapes his art works. Those artists include Bill Woodrow, Tom Friedman, Andy Goldsworthy and Anish Kapoor.

Chris Gilmour Cardboard

Chris Gilmour Cardboard

Facts about Chris Gilmour 9: the group shows

There are various group shows that Gilmour has. In 2014, he participated in Velodream, BWA Gallery, Wroclaw.  In 2012, Gilmour had Premio Michetti, Francavilla al Mare and Premio Michetti, Francavilla al Mare. Both of them were located in Italy. Check Cas Holmes facts here.

Facts about Chris Gilmour 10:the solo exhibition

Gilmour also had his solo exhibition. In Milan, he had Marco Rossi in 2012. In 2011, he had two exhibitions in Milan and Turin. In 2001, he had Objects, Perugi Artecontemporanea in Padua.

Chris Gilmour facts

Chris Gilmour facts

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