10 Facts about Chris Gryder

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Facts about Chris Gryder talk about an artist who impresses the people with his amazing clay and sculpture art. Actually Gryder was educated as an architect. But he decided to explore the art more through the architecture. Gryder got the inspiration from a lot of subjects like from the philosophy of Louis Sullivan and the amazing architectural design of Antonio Gaudi. Check other interesting facts about Chris Gryder below:

Facts about Chris Gryder 1: the sculpture making

The sculpture making of Gryder is often employed in the unusual ways. He used the uncommon processes and ways to create the art.

Facts about Chris Gryder 2: the place of birth

Let’s find out the place of birth of Gryder. He was born in Montgomery, Alabama. When he was in middle school, the family relocated to Omaha, Nebraska.

Chris Gryder Art

Chris Gryder Art

Facts about Chris Gryder 3: the education

Gryder went to Tulane University which made him move to New Orleans. He studied architecture for five years there.

Facts about Chris Gryder 4: the interest of Gryder

Gryder was not certain with his interest on the modern and post modernism architecture. Both are characterized with the clean lines and straight look. At that time, Gryder was in his undergraduate work.

Chris Gryder facts

Chris Gryder facts

Facts about Chris Gryder 5: the work of Gaudi

The work of Gaudi is very important to shape his career. He lost the interest with Bauhaus purity after he checked Gaudi’s works. If you look at the work of Gaudi, he used the ceramics to present interest on the surface of the architecture. This new form of architecture made Gryder open his eyes.

Facts about Chris Gryder 6: the beauty of Gryder

If you look at the characteristics of Gryder’s works, he often used the reference of natural work, ornaments, great quality and diversity of forms.

Chris Gryder Art

Chris Gryder Art

Facts about Chris Gryder 7: in the field of architecture

Before Gryder decided to work in sculpture, he had worked in the field of literature. He was interested with the world of sculpture after he saw a five-year stint in Arizona desert. Check facts about Christopher Marley here.

Facts about Chris Gryder 8: the located of his work

Since 1970s Gryder worked for Paolo Soleri’s project, Arcosanti. The location of the studio was 65 miles north of Phoenix. It was a clay studio and bronze foundry. The main job of Gryder was to develop the urban ideas prototypes.

Chris Gryder

Chris Gryder

Facts about Chris Gryder 9: the artistic ideas

Gryder was interested to create organic sculptural forms when he remembered the work of Gaudi. Get facts about Chris Gilmour here.

Facts about Chris Gryder 10: the amazing art of Gryder

One of the amazing arts of Gryder is the vessel’s creation.

Facts about Chris Gryder

Facts about Chris Gryder

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