10 Facts about Chris Hoy

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Let’s find out the interesting information about the British racing driver and former track cyclist on Facts about Chris Hoy. Hoy was born on March, 23rd 1976. During the Commonwealth, he was the representative of Scotland. During the World Championship and Olympics, he was the representative of Great Britain. Here are other interesting facts about Hoy below:

Facts about Chris Hoy 1: a champion

Hoy is considered as a successful sport man. He was a champion. Do you know that he became Olympic champion six times and world champion 11 times?

Facts about Chris Hoy 2: the medal

There is no need to wonder that Hoy receives the title as the most decorated Olympic cyclist of all time for him had six gold and one silver medals.

Chris Hoy facts

Chris Hoy facts

Facts about Chris Hoy 3: the most successful Olympian from Scotland

People always recognize Hoy as the most successful Olympian from Scotland for he earned 3 gold medals during Summer Olympics in 2008. He also takes the record as the most successful Olympic cyclist of all time and the first British athlete who grabs three gold medals in a single game in Olympics. In 1908, Henry Taylor did it.

Facts about Chris Hoy 4: the childhood time

If we talk about the childhood time of Hoy, he was raised in Murrayfield suburbs. It was located at west of Edinburgh.

Facts about Chris Hoy

Facts about Chris Hoy

Facts about Chris Hoy 5: the education

Hoy was enrolled to a prestigious private school in Edinburgh called George Waston’s College. Then he studied mathematics and physics at University of St Andrews for two years. He graduated in 1996. In 1999, He earned B.Sc. for Applied Sport Science from University of Edinburgh. Get facts about Charles Barkley here.

Facts about Chris Hoy 6: the inspiration

Hoy was interested to cycle after he watches the popular movie E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial in 1982. At that time, he was only 6 years old.

Chris Hoy

Chris Hoy

Facts about Chris Hoy 7: BMX racing

When Hoy was 7 to 14 years old, he did BMX racing before he turned to track cycling. In Britain, he took the 2nd place. In Europe, Hoy was placed in the fifth place. In the world, he took the 9th rank.

Facts about Chris Hoy 8: track cycling

Hoy was interested with track cycling after he saw Eddie Alexander earning a bronze medal at Commonwealth Games in 1986.

Chris Hoy Pic

Chris Hoy Pic

Facts about Chris Hoy 9: the first cycling club

When he was 14 years old, he became a member of Dunedin C.C. It was the first cycling club for him. Get facts about Chris Bosh here.

Facts about Chris Hoy 10: City of Edinburgh Racing Club

He decided to join City of Edinburgh Racing Club for he wanted to concentrate more with track cycling in 1993.

Chris Hoy Image

Chris Hoy Image

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