10 Facts about Chris McCandless

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Facts about Chris McCandless inform you with the American Hiker. He was born on 12 February 1968 in El Segundo, California and died on 18 August 1992. His full name is Christopher Johnson McCandless. In April 1992, McCandless had his own adventure in the Alaskan wilderness. He wanted to spend a life of solitude in the wilderness by taking equipment and little food.  The remains of McCandless were found four months later. His body only had the weight 66 lb or 30 kilograms. He was starved. Get other facts about McCandless below:

Facts about Chris McCandless 1: the location of his death

McCandless died on a converted bus. It served as the backcountry shelter. The location of the bus was on Stampede Trail.

Facts about Chris McCandless 2: the story of McCandless

The story about McCandless was published in Outside Magazine in January 1993 by Jon Krakauer.

Chris McCandless Facts

Chris McCandless Facts

Facts about Chris McCandless 3: Into the Wild

In 1996, Into the Wild was written and published by Krakauer. It was inspired from the life and travel of McCandless in the wilderness.

Facts about Chris McCandless 4: a movie

The book Into the Wild was adapted into a movie in 2007. McCandless was portrayed by Emile Hirsch. The director of the movie was Sean Penn. The story of McCandless is very inspiring. There is no need to wonder that Ron Lamothe created The Call of the Wild. It was a documentary about the story of McCandless.

Chris McCandless Photo

Chris McCandless Photo

Facts about Chris McCandless 5: the parents

His parents were Wilhelmina “Billie” and Walter “Walt” McCandless. Chris was the first child in the family.  When his father got a job as an antenna specialist for NASA, the family moved to Washington DC in 1976. His father was a secretary at Hughes Aircraft. Find facts about Buffalo Bill here.

Facts about Chris McCandless 6: the high school time

When he was in high school, he had great academic scores. Chris was educated at W.T. Woodson High School in Fairfax, Virginia.

Facts about Chris McCandless

Facts about Chris McCandless

Facts about Chris McCandless 7: the university education

In May 1990, McCandless earned a bachelor degree of anthropology and history in May 1990 from Emory University.

Facts about Chris McCandless 8: the working time

McCandless worked in Carthage as a grain elevator at the end of the summer season in 1990.

Chris McCandless

Chris McCandless

Facts about Chris McCandless 9: the Alaska travel

McCandless decided to find solitude in the wilderness of Alaska.  Jim Gallien was a local electrician who saw him alive for the last time on 18 April 1992 at the head of Stampede Trail. Get facts about Camping here.

Facts about Chris McCandless 10: the help of Gallien

Gallien tried to help him and suggested him to deter his journey. However, he did accept Gallien’s warning.

Chris McCandless Pic

Chris McCandless Pic

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