10 Facts about Chris Paul

Wednesday, December 23rd 2015. | Sports

Find out the interesting information about the American professional basketball player on Facts about Chris Paul. Paul was born on 6th May 1985. He plays for NBA. His club is Los Angeles Clippers. The full name of Paul is Christopher Emmanuel Paul. If we talk about the honors and awards owned by Paul, he earned two Olympic gold medals and NBA Rookie of the Year Award.  Paul was selected to seven All-Defensive teams, eight NBA All-Star Teams and seven All-NBA teams. Get other interesting facts about Chris Paul below:

Facts about Chris Paul 1: the college time

Paul was educated for two years at Wake Forest University. He was a member of Demon Deacons. It is the basketball team in the university. In 2005, he made it to the NBA draft and was selected on the fourth overall pick. Before he played for Los Angeles Clippers in 2011, he played for New Orleans Hornets.

Facts about Chris Paul 2: the position off the court

Since August 2013, Paul has been appointed as the president of National Basketball Players Association.

Chris Paul Pic

Chris Paul Pic

Facts about Chris Paul 3: the payment

Due to his amazing deal and payment as a basketball player, Paul is included as one of the higher paid athletes in the world.

Facts about Chris Paul 4: endorsement

Paul is very popular off and on the court. There is no need to wonder that various companies like State Farm and Nike selected him to endorse their products.

Chris Paul Photo

Chris Paul Photo

Facts about Chris Paul 5: the date and place of birth

Paul was born in Winston-Salem, North Carolina on 6th May 1985.  His mother is Robin Jones, while his father is Charles Edward Paul.

Facts about Chris Paul 6: the father

His father was an athlete. During the childhood time, Paul was coached by his father to play football and basketball. He considered Nathanial Jones, his grandfather as his best friend. He learned a lot of life lesson from him. He worked for his grandfather at his service station during the summer season.

Chris Ryan Facts

Chris Ryan Facts

Facts about Chris Paul 7: the high school time

For his high school, Paul was educated at West Forsyth High School in Clemmons, North Carolina. He was in the junior varsity team during his early seasons. Find facts about Chris Bosh here.

Facts about Chris Paul 8: the trade

Paul was traded to Los Angeles Clippers on 12 December 2011. The deal went off due to the extra demands from NBA. But the deal was made two days later.

Facts about Chris Paul

Facts about Chris Paul

Facts about Chris Paul 9: personal life

On 10 September 2011, Paul and Jada Crawley married. She was his college sweetheart. Get facts about Chris Hoy here.

Facts about Chris Paul 10: children

The couple is blessed with two kids. Both are Brenden Zachary Paul C and Camryn Alexis Paul.

Chris Paul

Chris Paul

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